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Wednesday, March 6, 2002
Updated: April 2, 7:46 PM ET
Seattle Seahawks' new uniforms

Page 2 staff

Besides a new stadium, the Seattle Seahawks are getting a new image next season.

Last week, the Seahawks unveiled the new garb to replace the uniforms that remained mostly unchanged for the team's first 24 years.

One thing that might remain the same is the silver helmets. Though the team altered their logo to give the bird an angrier look, Seattle is giving its fans a chance to choose between a new blue helmet and the silver helmet on the Seahawks website.

But we want to know what you think of the whole ensemble. Tell us what you believe is the best look for the Seahawk by voting in the poll at right.

New Seahawks home uniforms Old Seahawks home uniforms
new uniforms
old uniforms

New Seahawks road uniforms Old Seahawks road uniforms
new uniforms
old uniforms

Possible new helmet with new logo Old helmet with new logo
new helmet
old helmet