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Tuesday, April 30, 2002
ESPN The Magazine: Stanley's Law


When Frederick Arthur, a.k.a. Lord Stanley of Preston, offered a $50 silver cup as a prize for the championship of Canadian ice hockey in 1893, he did not include an instruction manual.

But over the years, the directions for winning the Stanley Cup could be read between the lines of the champions etched in silver.

Because some of the laws are not apparent to casual observers, we asked a few players and coaches who abide by the code to give up their secrets.

Their tips range from the physical to the strategic to the diabolical, and while they dont necessarily guarantee victory -- try overcoming a hot goaltender or a cold power play -- they will aid in the quest for hockeys Grail.

Click on the links at right to read Stanley's Laws. This article appears in the May 13 issue of ESPN The Magazine.