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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Updated: December 19, 1:57 PM ET
Zbikowski Agonizes Over Final Decision

Zbikowski might be looking at a future without boxing.
When I signed with Notre Dame, I thought the tough decisions were over, writes DB/QB Tom Zbikowski. Signing Day brought me a step closer to my dream of running out of the tunnel at Notre Dame Stadium, but another dream might have to end. If I have a chance to contribute at ND next year, boxing may have to go.
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I was nervous on Signing Day, but not about my decision, writes QB Chris Leak.
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I always dreamed of running onto the field as a Vol, but that dream is dead, writes Chris Leak.
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Being the only passenger on a private jet making a recruiting visit made me feel like a rock star, writes Chris Leak.
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It's a precarious situation when your brother plays for a team that's recruiting you writes Chris Leak.
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I have my own private phone line for recruiting calls, writes Chris Leak, but it has been a waste.
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Tom Zbikowski coverage
Diary 11: Dome-ward bound
In the end, I chose Notre Dame because it's the best place for me. And I couldn't be happier about it.
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I look forward to defending the nation's top receivers in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, writes Tom Zbikowski.
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From one campus to the next, Tom Zbikowski has left every recruiting visit with the same feeling.
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Getting back in the boxing ring has taken my mind off the stinging playoff loss writes Tom Zbikowski.
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The season is over, as is my high school football career, and it's at least partially my fault writes Tom Zbikowski.
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Phone calls from coaches are part of the recruiting routine, but a call I received on Saturday was really impressive.
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When I let my mind stray from the upcoming playoffs to recruiting, I find myself thinking a lot about one school writes Tom Zbikowski.
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Tom Zbikowski is a two-sport star who never stops playing, writes's Wayne Drehs.
Lemming: The two-way star recruiting analyst Tom Lemming says Tom Zbikowski can be a star on either side of the ball.
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