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Wednesday, November 27, 2002
What was Michael Jackson thinking?

Page 2 staff

Michael Jackson
Daddy, where's the rhinoplasty you're always talking about?
What the heck was Michael Jackson thinking when he took his two oldest kids to the Berlin Zoo looking like junior beekeepers?

A. "It's a beautiful day. I think we can leave the plastic bubble at home."

B. "The one kind thing I do for children is sparing them the indignity of having people know I'm their father."

C. "We're simple folk, just trying not to attract attention."

D. "Hey kids, wanna see what Daddy will look like in a few years? Let's go check out the Albino bears."

E. "If we don't wear veils, the animals will see our faces and think we're making fun of them."

F. "I'd like three tickets, please: Two children and one freak."