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Wednesday, November 27, 2002
What the heck was MTV thinking?

Page 2 staff

Snoop Dogg
If we don't air the show you're going to pop a what in my where?
What the heck was MTV thinking when it aired the first episode of a new reality show featuring Snoop Dogg, entitled "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle"?

A. "We're gonna have to ble-zeep a whole lotta of shiz-nit."

B. "This is the true story ... of seven TV executives ... picked to run a network ... to see what happens ... when they stop thinking rationally ... and start getting ... really damn desperate."

C. "The scenes of Dr. Dre singing 'Papa Don't Preach' will be priceless."

D. "Our minds are on our money, and our money is on our minds."

E. "Hopefully, the second word doesn't sum up the show's chance of success."

F. "It's hard to follow Ozzy with a more unintelligible star, but we felt compelled to try."