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Friday, January 10, 2003
Skin deep with Anna

Page 2 staff

It's not often that Anna Kournikova makes headlines by covering up, so this might be a first.

Anna Kournikova
If you look closely -- and we know you will -- you can see the tape concealing Anna's new tattoo in the small of her back.
Kournikova has been the subject of much speculation and the target of probing photographers during her matches this week in Australia as everyone clamors to get the first look at the Russian tennis star's new tattoo.

Kournikova hasn't revealed the subject of her new body art and has concealed the tattoo on her lower back with a large piece of tape during her matches and practice sessions at the Adidas International tournament in Sydney, Australia.

Insiders told The Daily Telegraph of London that the tattoo is a sun design, but Page 2 won't believe those rumors until we see it up close with our own eyes.

In the meantime, we're busy imagining all the possibilities for Anna's newest trademark. We asked cartoonist Kurt Snibbe to sketch a few designs with his needle, and now we're asking you to pick the best tattoo for Anna in the poll at right.


Kurt Snibbe is a sports news artist for the Orange County Register, and his work will appear frequently on Page 2. He can be reached at