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Friday, June 20, 2003
What's hot, what's not for summer

By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

The last thing you want to do this summer is be caught spouting last spring's wisdom when talking about what's hot this season. Whether you are having the casual conversation at the office, arguing in the bar's outdoor beer garden or trying to impress that hottie at the beach party, keep in mind Page 2's guidelines for what's in and what's passe for Summer 2003:

Category Hot Not Hot
Stars on the beach
Women surfers

Christina Aguilera
Steroid issue The Hulk MLB
Must-listen CD

Ja Rule
Retro jerseys as... Skirt (for her) Shirt (for him)
Angels Charlie's Anaheim
American Wedding

Anything 'Idol'
Controversial Home Run Derby Sammy Sosa
Beach read "Moneyball" Yankees reminiscing
Superhero logos

Golf strength Light drive, big putt Big drive, light putt
Dating 'Friendster' Any ol' online
Toast of England
Andy Roddick

David Beckham
Hat Your sponsor Trucker
Drink Gotta see through it Colorful and fruity
Jersey College NBA/ABA

Funny Cide
Soccer ticket Man. U. MLS
Must-see pitcher Dontrelle Willis Roger Clemens
NBA owner
Michael Jordan

The Maloofs
ACC over/under 13 teams 10 teams
QB battle Bears (Stewart/Grossman) Dolphins (Griese/Fiedler)
Hoops ticket LeBron's Summer League USA's Olympic Qualifier
NBA draft headline "Foreign Invasion!" "College Kids Rule!"
Ironic Hot Seat
Joe Torre

Art Howe
Reality TV "Street" hoops Judging hotness
Boxing drumbeat Lewis-Jones Foreman-Anyone
MLB Bandwagon Blue Jays A's
NBA Bandwagon Cavs Nuggets
Coach scandal Prep recruiting Pools/Parties
NHL storyline
Lemieux retiring?

Jiggy dominating
Needs more college FB hype Miami's Frank Gore Ohio St's Mo Clarett
"Beautiful" PG Jason Kidd Tony Parker
Ride Drop-top Benz Hummer
Indie sports flick 'Shaolin Soccer' 'Bend It Like Beckham'
Home movies
Martha Stewart

Michael Jackson
Kicks Indoor-soccer Hoops retro
Blast it
Beyonce "Crazy in Love"

Ruben "Flying Without Wings"

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.