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Friday, September 19, 2003
Updated: September 23, 11:29 AM ET
Most likely to carry a European carry-all

Page 2 staff

Still confused about what a metrosexual is? Here's a definition:

Page 2 is spending much of this week focused on the metrosexual trend. Columnist Stacey Pressman wishes that metros would quit invading the worlds of pop culture and sports. ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg counters that there's nothing wrong with being a metro -- or spending $180 on a haircut. If you think you -- or someone you know -- might be a metrosexual, you should take Page 2's simple test.

But if that still isn't enough to clear it up for you, we provide some photographic evidence of athletes who might qualify as metrosexuals:

David Beckham Oscar de la Hoya
David Beckham
Oscar de la Hoya
If clothes make the man, then what happened to Becks?
Maybe he's born with it ... maybe it's Maybeline.

Derek Jeter Mike Modano
Derek Jeter
Mike Modano
There isn't a spa in New York that hasn't seen Jeter's Visa card.
Not since Zach from "Saved by the Bell" has anyone cared so much for their hair.

Patrick Rafter Dennis Rodman
Patrick Rafter
Dennis Rodman
Nothing, not even winning any recent tournaments, comes between Patrick and proper skin hydration.
Check local listings for the Worm's makeover on "Queer Eye for the Curious Guy".

Alex Rodriguez Jason Sehorn
Alex Rodriguez
Jason Seahorn
"In conclusion, I'd like to say stay in school, say no to drugs and get your highlights redone every three weeks."
"Yes, I have a reservation under Mr. Angie Harmon."

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