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Wednesday, October 22, 2003
What was Paris Hilton thinking?

Page 2 staff

What the heck was Paris Hilton thinking when she admitted on "The Simple Life" that she doesn't know what Wal-Mart is? ("Is it, like, they sell wall stuff?" she asks.)

Paris Hilton
The people at Target would like to thank Paris Hilton.

A. "Sure, next you're going to tell me that Banana Republic doesn't sell bananas."

B. "Hey, if poor people who only make $200,000 a year have to shop there, it's not my fault."

C. "Is that Mark Wahlberg's new store?"

D. "Whoever invented that store needs to learn how to spell 'wall.' What an idiot!"

E. "It can't be all bad. Brian Urlacher said he was going to buy me a lavaliere there."

F. "Hey, we can't all be as smart as Jessica Simpson, you know."