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Monday, December 29, 2003
Updated: December 30, 10:36 AM ET
Our favorite lists of 2003

By Jeff Merron
Page 2 staff

Our favorite/best lists which appeared on Page 2 in 2003 ... with some second thoughts.

1. Most overrated of all time
Does O.J. belong? On second thought, probably not.

2. Coaches gone wild
On second thought, we should have added Jack McKeon firing up a cigar.

3. Hidden treasures: All-underrated list
On second thought, maybe we will rent "Lagaan."

4. East Coast bias exists!
No, it doesn't!

On second thought, we should have given the Midwest its own list, too.

5. Most overrated active athletes
All closers? On second thought, an overstatement. Change to most closers. And Darin Erstad? Bad call on our part. He's not overrated, just overpaid.

6. Biggest sports busts
On second thought, the White Sox in short pants didn't last long enough to be ranked so high.

7. Most painful heartbreakers
On second thought, we'd take off Barry Sanders, and put on Donnie Moore.

8. Gutsiest calls in sports
On second thought, Lester Patrick should have been ranked in the top three.

9. 100 Greatest Home Runs of All Time
On second thought, the Babe's called shot should have ranked higher. That was some kick-butt trash talk.

10. Worst cases of foot-in-mouth disease
On second thought, we'd put Mike Vanderjagt on the "gutsiest calls" list.

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