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Friday, February 27, 2004
... and Oscar was his name-O

By Kurt Snibbe and Jim Caple
Page 2 cartoonist

Hey kids! Are you ready for Sunday's Oscar party? Have you seen all the best movie nominations? Do you have your office pool filled out? Well, if so, you're still not set until you print out our free Oscar Bingo sheet.

Your Oscar Ballot!
Head to SportsNation and cast your votes for Best Picture, Best Actor and more!

Then, just cross off each Oscar moment as it occurs Sunday evening until you have five in a row. The first person to shout "Bingo!'' wins a free DVD of "Gigli!''* Have fun, and remember, No. 2 pencils only!

* (DVD not included).



Kurt Snibbe is a sports news artist for the Orange County Register, and his work appears frequently on Page 2. He can be reached at
Jim Caple is a senior writer for