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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Page 2 Quickie: May 17, 2004

The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Did you see the fight this weekend? What a hook!

Wait, did you think I was talking about Antonio Tarver's shocking 2nd-round KO of Roy Jones?

I'm talking about Anthony Peeler's left forearm shiver to the reigning NBA MVP's head. There's a two-part response to getting smacked in the face on national TV: (1) Don't retaliate, which would result in ejection; and (2) respond with your game.

Credit KG for not fighting back, but where was the 20-point, smack-this fourth quarter?

Garnett "responded" with all of four points in the fourth, limited to meek jump shots that made him no more of a threat to dominate than, say, teammate Fred Hoiberg.

What's that "P" in "MVP" stand for again? Push-over?

Lakers Rule
Game 7* (*  if necessary)"
The Lakers made this scheduling notation obsolete in their own series (four freakin' straight?!), but let's be honest:

Speaking of unnecessary, take Game 7 between the T'wolves and Kings. The way the Lakers are playing, neither of these teams can beat L.A. anyway. Why?

Perception: Having never been to a conference finals, the T'wolves think they can't beat the Lakers;

Reality: Having experienced it before, the Kings know they can't beat the Lakers.

Pistons Win Game 6
Now here is a Game 7 that's necessary: It would have been easier for the Nets to have won Game 6 at home and will take another huge effort to earn the winner-take-all KO. But the Nets will pull another road shocker ... in regulation this time.)

Pacers Up 3-2
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Heat: Miami plays as woefully on the road (Game 5 on Saturday) as they play brilliantly at home (see Game 6 Tuesday). Bet the Pacers never thought they might go to a seventh game in this series; good thing it will be in Indiana.

Clemens Watch
How ironic that after dominating the Mets on Sunday (10 K, 0 R, 7 IP), Roger Clemens got to watch his lock-solid 8th win (in 8 starts) fly out of Minute Maid Park on the strength of a -- get this -- Mike Piazza game-tying HR off Octavio Dotel in the 9th.

Olympic Behavior
The U.S. Olympic Committee would like those athletes who have worked for a gold medal -- oh, say -- for their entire lives to accept it without emotion if they win.

Right: We would never want the rest of the world to see the unbridled joy that our country, when at its best, represents. Cheers, freedom of expression!

Meanwhile, speaking of distinctly American expressions: How appropriate that U.S. Olympic star Marion Jones sprinted to the front page today with testy threats of lawsuits if she's withheld from Athens for as-yet-unproven 'roid rumors.

More Smarty Jones
Ah, the life of a Philadelphia sports fan: NBA team stinks; baseball team underachieves; NFL team loses three straight years one step from the Super Bowl; NHL team about to do the same ...

... but it's a local horse, on the cusp of delivering the biggest title the city has seen since the '83 Sixers title team.