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Monday, May 22, 2006
Updated: May 23, 11:44 AM ET
Page 2 Quickie: May 22, 2006

The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

On paper, it appeared to be a great weekend. In reality, it was a weekend full of disappointment. Witness:

The tragedy at the Preakness. We were hoping to see Barbaro show that he could become one of the all-time greats. Instead, he broke his leg in three places and his life is in jeopardy.

Bonds ties Ruth. And nobody cares! Really, is there anything less anticlimactic than somebody passing a career record or milestone? You know it's eventually going to happen, so where's the excitement?

Cavs lay an egg. 61 points on Sunday in Game 7? Sure, the Pistons can play some D, but that game was an ugly joke. Find LeBron some help, please.

Mets nearly sweep Yanks. Except Billy Wagner did his best Braden Looper imitation and blew a 4-0 lead in the ninth on Saturday.

Barrett vs. Pierzynski. Cubs catcher Michael Barrett punched White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski in the face after a home-plate collision. It could have been a classic baseball brawl, but it was rather tame.

Matt Cain pitches 1-hitter. See? Almost a great weekend.

LeBron Gone
Must be hard for LeBron and the Cavs to sit down this morning.

When you have a butt-kicking, egg-laying Sunday like they did ... it tends to be pretty painful.

Forget all the analysis, let's just take a quick peek at Cleveland's offense:

Ronald Murray made a jump shot. Eric Snow had a layup. Hey, Larry Hughes hit a 3! LeBron had a layup, too. Oh, then Zydrunas Ilgauskas dunked!

Wait, save a few free throws, that's the entire output for the Cavs in the second half.

OK, we'll lay off. You're right, LeBron is probably going to own the Pistons in Game 8.

MLB Roundup
Did you know...

The Mariners are only 3 games out of first place!

More Wagner: Sure, he got the save Sunday, but he also gave up 2 hits. WHIP is now 1.31 (career WHIP: 1.00).

Red-hot Kazmir: Scott Kazmir won his 7th -- tied for the MLB lead -- as he struck 11 in 8 scoreless innings (OK, it was against the Marlins). He has more than a third of Tampa's 20 wins.

Tigers win again: Nate Robertson and two relievers combine for 3-hit shutout of Reds. Roll on, Detroit.

NL wins first round of interleague play, 22-20.

Reggie's Contract
Reggie Bush wants a contract with the Saints that is "fair to everyone involved" and doesn't want to miss a day because of it.

Quick translation: "It may not be the Saints fault that I didn't go No. 1, but they're going to pay for it. Oh, and if I miss camp, it's not my fault."

But don't get too down on Reggie. In 2005, 23 of the 32 first-round picks missed at least one day of camp due to contract problems.

It's always an eye-rolling experience when the rookies, who have never played a professional day in their lives, try to tell the world they not only know how great they are going to be but also can put a monetary value on it.

Rusty Cup
What do WWE Smackdown, NASCAR rainouts and NCAA gymnastics all have in common?

They've all beaten the NHL playoffs in the TV ratings in the past week.

Now a quick quiz: Who are the four teams remaining in the NHL playoffs?

You're a sports fan, you have 3 fantasy leagues going at any given time ... and you don't know.

Forget talking about the Oilers being two wins away from a return to the Stanley Cup finals, because with this kind of interest it's more rumor than reality.

Oilers Go Up 2-0
Seriously, if we make one plea to you, faithful readers, it is this: Start watching the NHL playoffs. The Oilers were the No. 8 seed and are now two wins from the Stanley Cup finals after winning again in Anaheim.

Goalie Dwayne Roloson continues to rack up the big (33) saves, and Edmonton native Fernando Pisani scored the go-ahead goal in a 3-1 win (the Oilers added an empty-netter late).

OK, so the ratings are in the tank. But trust us: it's a lot more exciting than a 79-61 NBA playoff game. Remember this when you watch the Spurs and Pistons slog through another boring NBA Finals.

Bonds vs. Barbaro
Let's check into this weekend's "fan-meter":

At the Preakness, the Kentucky Derby winner suffered a life-threatening leg injury a few yards into the race.

The crowds and viewers were stunned, and when the horse underwent six hours of surgery on Sunday, there was immense emotional outpouring for Barbaro's full recovery (it's still 50-50 if he'll survive).

Now, if Barry Bonds were in surgery for a bum leg, would he get the same kind of positive reaction? Do we even need to ask?