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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Updated: January 17, 9:45 AM ET
How MLS will rule the world

By Patrick Hruby & Kurt Snibbe
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So why did Major League Soccer drop a staggering $250 million – nearly the price of the entire U.S. national team – to secure the services of English footie superstar David Beckham?

Was it the swerving free kicks? The stylish 'do? Becks' stated desire to work with kids? The tantalizing prospect of a Spice Girls reunion?

Perhaps it was all of the above. Or maybe, just maybe, the league had a more sinister motive – like, say, total world sports domination.

The proof? Check out the following, recovered by Page 2's crack investigative staff – read: we made it up – from a bar near MLS headquarters just hours after the deal went down.

Beckham marketing plan

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