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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Frequently Asked Questions

What was the problem, and why did they occur?

How do I get my free ESPN Fantasy Insider?

If I am an existing Insider Subscriber, how can I redeem my additional six months?

What, exactly, is Fantasy Insider?

How do I get my free premium fantasy football team in Fall 2007?

If I have five Fantasy Baseball Teams, do I get five free prize eligible Fantasy Football teams?

Do all Fantasy Baseball Players get a free prize-eligible Fantasy Football Team?

Why doesn't ESPN make all Fantasy Baseball leagues prize-eligible this year if we are refunding everyone who paid?

I have a keeper league and paid in advance for multiple years. Will I get a full refund? A refund only for this year? A refund for this year and any remaining years?

When and how will I get my refunds?

If the card I used to purchase my Fantasy Baseball team is no longer valid, how will I get my refund?

As a League Manager, how can I keep my league's data and retroactively manage the rosters after the reset?

If I kept track of all of my transactions and stats, can ESPN retroactively return my league to where it was before the reset?

Will the transaction logs be wiped out?

Why did ESPN have to take such a drastic measure? My league was fine. Why couldn't ESPN just fix the leagues with problems, not all leagues?

Why isn't ESPN starting the season effective tomorrow instead of including stats from the last eleven days?

I'm a League Manager, how can I tell when the problems began affecting MY league?

I made a trade, and now - with hindsight - the team won't make the trade again. What can I do?

Can my league adjust scoring and put the scores back to where they are today after the rosters are changed back?