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Friday, May 2, 2008
Updated: August 19, 2:59 PM ET

If you ride the G Train, this place is holy ground.
One of our staffers' dads grew up right near Ebbets Field. To this day, he says "The fall of 1955 was the best time of my life." That was the year the Brooklyn Dodgers finally solved the New York Yankees to win a World Series. Buzzie Bavasi, who built that team, passed away last night in San Diego at 93. We use "Clip Reel" to honor him.

1955 Highlights of the entire series. Clip from a '55 Dodgers DVD. Clip from the "7 Days of Fall" movie about the '55 Dodgers. Roy Campanella, the biggest discovery linked to Bavasi, on the game show "What's My Line?" Good overall Dodgers video. Another one, entitled "Dem Bums."

1959 When the Dodgers moved west, ya know who went with them? Vin Scully. He's STILL their announcer. A strong season recap. Sandy Koufax had arrived by then. Here's Sandy recently.

1963 Koufax was filthy in 1963. A strong season recap. You can buy a '63 Dodgers plaque on QVC. Heh. Relatively cool Yiddish baseball song which partially honors the '63 Dodgers.

1965 Good season recap. Scully's call of the last out of the '65 Series. Koufax just mowing Twins down. An autographed pic of Koufax pitching in the '65 Series currently retails for $988 on Amazon.

EBBETS FIELD A snow globe replica. Nice TV special on the place. Preserve Ebbets. An obligatory Roger Kahn link. And a good Boys of Summer recap.