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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Updated: June 6, 10:17 AM ET

RM What position would you play if you played baseball? TC: Shortstop. RM You'd be a shortstop? Do you have good hands? TC: Yeah, and it's a dope position. That, or pitching. Man, I've seen Randy Johnson. RM How tall are you? TC: 7'1". RM You'd be the tallest shortstop ever.

RM What do you miss most about LA when you're in New Orleans? TC: The weather. And having everything be familiar to me. RM Do you ever run into Lil Wayne down there? TC: He used to come to all the games; he loves the Hornets. But he's in Miami now. RM Yeah. He's a big-time sports fan. At least, that what he says in his rhymes.

RM Is Shaq the most physical guy you've played against? TC: Shaq and Dwight Howard. Dwight is ridiculously strong. He's a freak of nature. RM He's young, too. You're going to be guarding him for a while. TC: Exactly. I hope he slows up, but he just gets bigger and stronger each year. After I watch him at USA Basketball practices, I just get mad and go to the other end.

TC: Hey, I have a question: How does baseball work? Do you guys get days off? RM We do, but whenever they give me a day off, I battle with the manager. Baseball itself isn't tough, but it wears you down. I got to be smarter about it. TC: I got huge respect for you all. You guys play a hundred and what & ? RM We play 162 games. But are you kidding me? Dude, running up and down the court all night? I can't do that. I'm telling you right now, I'm not in that kind of shape.

RM What kind of pranks do you guys pull on rookies? TC: We made Julian Wright sing at a charity event. And we made him dance on cue. RM Last season they made us dress up. I had to be Nacho Libre. I painted on a little mustache and everything. It was awesome.

RM What's your favorite city to play in? TC: I like the big cities. There's a different vibe in them. I used to play in Chicago, so I know those fans are crazy. RM Yeah, Wrigley is amazing. The fans get into it. It becomes a huge bar where people drink and have a good time. TC: They know the sport, too. RM They're the best at ragging on people. I'll be on deck and they're talking about whatever. They know everything about us.

TC: You guys actually spend four days in a city. We go in and leave the same night. RM But you guys get your own planes. TC: Yeah, yeah. Does the media travel with you all? RM Some do. We'll get 60 people on a plane. We can stretch out, but we're not alone. TC: You're going to have to work that out in your next deal.