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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Updated: July 22, 9:04 AM ET

"Que Lastima!"

Where the avenues of sports and politics meet, there is a mailbox where we deposit a weekly letter; a mailbox called the Presidential Fantasy League.

You've probably had your fair share of media about the political events of the weekend, what with the first black candidate to lead a major party ticket. Here is how the rest of the world looking in on the U.S. sees it.

The locking up of the Democratic nomination means consequences in terms of the Presidential Fantasy League too. As the two official candidates begin hinting at who their running mates could be things will no doubt get interesting. While Hillary might be kicking back with a cold Miami Vice in her hand, she's also probably contemplating whether she wants a spot on Obama's ticket. This bit of mandatory reading, Five Myths About the Vice Presidency, might help her.

On to the standings.


ENDORSEMENT OF THE WEEK: +20 Obama found a new "edition" (no pun intended) to the team this week. Phillies infielder Jimmy Rollins endorsed Obama and then added this: "He can wear my jersey and take batting practice. Heck, yeah." Eagles safety Brian Dawkins and lineman Omar Gaither also had nice things to say about him.

"PRETTY BOY" RETIRES (AGAIN) (MAYBE): +5 Floyd Mayweather Jr. gets a feature write up in the New York Times' Play Magazine. Then he retires. Now some places are claiming that they have anonymous sources in the UFC that claim he's about to sign a huge contract with them.

DA BEARS, DA BULLS, DA OLYMPICS: +5 An interesting article about the kind of pull Obama could have for securing a 2012 interesting bid for Chicago.

FIFTEEN: +5 The number of times Clinton mentioned Obama in her campaign-ending speech on Saturday.

TEAM OBAMA'S FAVORITE HEADLINE OF THE WEEK: +5 McCain Needs to Lose His Inner Zombie, found here.



A THING THAT YOU WOULD NEVER REVEAL UNLESS YOU'RE ACTUALLY AN HONEST PERSON: +10 An interesting revelation this week: McCain listens to Abba's "Take a Chance on Me" to get fired up before campaign speeches.

RADIO REFUTATION OF THE WEEK: +10 Here is the scenario: A radio station in Phoenix holds a contest called "Who do you know?" where callers try and get the biggest celebrities they can to call in to help them with a prize. Team Obama PFL'er Charles Barkley calls in last week to help the family of a fallen police officer win a car. What does Curt Schilling do? He calls in the next day to support a soldier. Tell us he's not checking his PFL scores.

PFL SUBTEXT OF THE WEEK: -5 Mary Tillman and some U.S. veterans asked Roger Goodell and the NFL for help in uncovering the Pat Tillman papers that have been deemed "executive branch confidentiality interests" by the government. This LA Times article says they're not getting a response.


SCORES AFTER WEEK EIGHT 1. Team Barack: 400 2. Team McCain: 295

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