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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Updated: August 19, 2:48 PM ET

"Oklahoma is going to be awful on my allergies."
Kevin Durant is the reigning ROY. Likelihood is, he'll play his second season of professional hoops in Oklahoma City, not the Emerald City, although the trial began Monday (Clay Bennett is expected to take the stand today). Shame (if the Sonics had gotten the first or second pick this year, can you imagine the hoops resuscitation in the Pacific Northwest? The Blazers and them would be incredible!) As one Sonic shines, and a team likely moves, we celebrate a glorious history. Hey, they've got a title up there.

THE TITLE A recap. Yet another recap. Still a third recap. Here's how they won Game 4 of that series. This video wasn't filmed in 1979, but it contains a bunch of '79 Sonics talking candidly, which is always cool. The year before the Sonics beat the Bullets in '79, they lost to the Bullets in '78. Here's the intro to Game 7 of that series. Guess who called it? MUSBURGER! The guy is a legend.

THE 1980S Tom Chambers was the MVP of the 1987 All-Star Game. A clip of Bulls vs. Sonics early in MJ's career. The key thing to take away: how ridiculous Xavier McDaniel was. This is a pretty broad tour of the best players in Sonics history, but has some solid 1980s video on it. Dale Ellis was pretty ridiculous in the 1989 All-Star Game.

THE 1990S In 1994, the Nuggets stunned 'em. Remember Mutombo crying with the ball? Overall, though, they were filthy. SONIC BOOM! Payton to Kemp: the best alley oop duo ever? Throughout the 1990s, they were always battling the Jazz. 1996 Western Conference Finals between the Jazz and Sonics went 7 games. Sonics won! They made the Finals! And ran right into Jordan and the Bulls. In 1997, Jordan continued to kill 'em in the regular season. Then they lost in 7 to the Rockets in the playoffs. In 1998, Kobe was young and throwing down tomahawk dunks on 'em. Payton buried a nice shot against the TWolves in the 1998 playoffs. They ultimately lost to the Lakers.

THE 2000S Ray Allen was pretty good over there. So was Rashard Lewis. Ya know what, we'll even give love to Luke Ridnour. But now, they might be leaving. (Funny parody) Fans don't want them to. Kemp and Payton are even discussing it on TV! And now this dude is gonna be ROY.

THE FUTURE They're likely headed here.

We'll meet again, Seattle.