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Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Updated: August 19, 2:29 PM ET

This'll be a cool part of July.

It's July 2nd (we hope you knew that). Cool things from this date: Lindsay Lohan turns 22 (she's only 22? Jeez); Rhett Bomar, who still plays football at Sam Houston State, is 23; and it appears to be the day on which Europeans first saw the great state of Minnesota. All that's well and good, but since most of July is ahead of us, we thought we'd dedicate Clip Reel to the things this month we're most excited for. Here we go.

Hancock. The Dark Knight. The Wackness. This new Abagail Breslin movie. Mamma Mia! (We like Streep, OK?) The new X-Files movie.

The All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium should be awesome. Apparently, Lupe Fiasco is somewhat involved. This FOX commercial for it is cool. Since it's in the Bronx, we might as well include this.

NFL teams start going back to camp. One of our interns is obsessed with how good Adrian Peterson will be this year. Another says this is the year Donovan McNabb finally goes bust. Frankly, we're excited for the return of Tom and Gisele. The Cowboys should be somewhat of a train wreck this year, and possibly win the NFC. Is Kardashian/Bush or Simpson/Romo a bigger curse for potential NFC powers? We personally think the Browns are going to be nasty this year. And yes, we do think Belichick might guide the Pats back to the Super Bowl. Here's the whole schedule, by the way - preseason and regular. Why is Washington in so many big games?

The World Gliding Championships in Italy start next week. That's just in time for the end of Wimbledon. Speaking of Europe and sports, can Phil win the British Open with no Tiger in sight?

Bill Gates steps down at the end of the month.

It's the 10 year anniversary of France beating Brazil to win the World Cup. It'll be the 20th Anniversary of Michael Dukakis' acceptance speech. Yes, we're excited to think 20 years has passed since that. In keeping with that, we're excited for the Veepstakes of '08 to play out. Pawlenty! And hey, it's the 50th birthday of NASA at the end of the month.

Here's a very detailed list of all the music releases this month. Can anything top this jam, though?

NBA free agency will continue to roll onward. And we're excited for college football. Knowshon Moreno could be amazing this year. So could Sam Bradford. USC always seems to be good. Then there's Tebow. Crabtree is going to be amazing too.

We'll leave you with this: 20 years ago next week, Die Hard came out. Ah, Bruce Willis. Where have you gone?