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Monday, July 7, 2008
Updated: August 19, 2:28 PM ET

"Tastes like chicken."

We won't belabor the point: yesterday's Wimbledon final was awesome—and it may have represented a changing of the power guard in men's tennis. As such, it's time to look across the Internet and cull together videos attesting to the greatness of Rafa Nadal. Here we go!

The girl interviewing him in this clip seems to giggle quite a bit. Rafa's birthday cake! A good summary of Nadal interviews over the past year or so. Someone set a tribute video about him to a Jessica Simpson song. Odd. Nadal hanging out with the characters from Toy Story. Bjorg hearts Nadal. Chris Fowler is a good segment host, for real. Info on Rafa's love life! His Wiki. Old school clips of Rafa in 2003 (he only went pro in 2002). Playing at Hamburg in '03. This video has clips of his first-ever match in 2002; he was 16. Nice Mariotti piece on Nadal vs. Federer. They seem to be friends, no? More on Rafa's personal life. Serena vs. Rafa: walking on water style. The Kia Motors spot where he plays tennis with an alien. Another strong compilation video of Rafa. This video maker really seems to want to make Rafa into "a bad boy." (It's oddly captivating)