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Monday, July 21, 2008
Updated: August 19, 2:25 PM ET

"Could be a long year for me, and my therapist just moved to Wilmington."

The 2008 NFL season kicks off - on the same night as John McCain's acceptance speech at the GOP Convention - with the Super Bowl champion New York Giants against the Washington Redskins. The main storylines were: how do the Giants come out of the gate and how's Jim Zorn as a head coach? Now, it seems to be: can Eli avoid Jason Taylor all night and if he can't, what does that mean for the next 16 weeks? The NFC East is going to be crazy this year. Let's take a look.

NEW YORK GIANTS Well, they did win the Super Bowl. Strahan says they might be able to repeat and that Coughlin won't change his ways. Here's one look at their possible outcomes in 2008. This Burress thing may be a distraction, though. What about Ahmad Bradshaw's jail time? Does the Kawika Mitchell loss hurt? What's with Osi? Does he need more money? Can Antonio Pierce become a leader?

DALLAS COWBOYS Start here. Then lookie here. Remember this? They're adding this dude, too. Julius Jones is gone now. Oh, and HBO is sending a bunch of cameras to film them at camp! What we're saying is: lots of talent, but lots of distractions as well. They return 13 Pro Bowl players, but can they keep it together?

WASHINGTON REDSKINS Will Jim Zorn be good for Jason Campbell? Zorn claims Campbell is "the QB they're going to grow with." Zorn had Largent; Campbell doesn't have anyone at that level. There is this guy, though. And this guy. We made a video with both of 'em once. Some visual evidence as to how good Jason Taylor is. He'll be a huge factor on that defense, for sure. Question worth asking: will he be distracted by Snyder's relationship with Tom Cruise, given that Taylor wants to be the next Dwayne Johnson?

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES Is McNabb going to finish this year as the starter? In positive news, Brian Westbrook is amazing. Asante Samuel should be. Is there a power struggle between Andy Reid and Joe Banner? One look at their possible outcomes in 2008.

Bollywood meets the NFC East.