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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Updated: September 29, 5:31 PM ET

One of the few windows into a major leaguer's soul comes when he saunters up to the plate and his specially selected at-bat song blasts from the PA. For fans, it's a way to bond ("Hey, I like Lil Wayne, too!") and a small glimpse at what favorite players are like off the field. It's not just hitters either, pitchers have tunes while warming up, closers when taking the mound; even mascots have their own songs. As the season winds down, The has compiled all the entrance songs we could find*. Click on a song and a preview will pop up in your iTunes—all you have to do is press play. Feeling lucky? Click the RANDOM button and Diamond Trax will cue up a chance song for you.

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* While some players have multiple songs, others prefer no music at all. In fact, it's the Cubs' official policy to not allow non-organ music and the A's don't do at-bat music at all. If you don't see a player on the list, it's possible he doesn't have a song, or that he changes it more often than he changes his socks (hopefully).