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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is this the year he really becomes 'the man?'

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Take a look at the current college football standings. Granted, no one's really played anyone yet (sorry, Clemson), but there are a few surprise undefeateds in the bunch. Iowa? Kirk Ferentz? Odd. Oklahoma State? Mike Gundy? Hmm. Are any of these teams for real, or will the schedule sort it out? Let's take a look at a few squads, via Clip Reel.

IOWA Their official team page. Their ESPN.Com team page. One reason they may be legit: Andy Brodell. Another reason: Mitch King and Matt Kroul. Still a third: the QB situation seems to be less murky. Still, the schedule starting October 18th isn't easy.

OKLAHOMA STATE Gotta start here. Official site. ESPN page. One reason they could surprise: it's the 20th anniversary of their best season ever, so maybe the magic rubs off. Second reason: their team intro is pretty sweet. Third reason: Dez Bryant.

KENTUCKY Official site. ESPN page. One reason: they've shocked people before. Another reason: Derrick Locke. Third reason: Rich Brooks is legit. Problem, though: SEC is a strong football conference.

VANDERBILT Official site (it has a 'blog network') ESPN page. Reason 1: they've already beaten Spurrier. Reason 2: Chris Nickson. Reason 3: we can't resist. We love Vandy guys!

COLORADO Official site. ESPN page. Reason 1: they did beat Oklahoma last year. Anything can happen! Reason 2: Darrell Scott is pretty nasty. Reason 3: Dan Hawkins is an emotional fellow.