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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Updated: September 25, 2:02 PM ET


Like any playa worth his salt, Jeezy showed up to this voter registration drive in an electric blue Lamborghini.

Young Jeezy's songs "Go Getta" and "Put On" are very popular in the world of MLB at-bat songs. It's fitting, as Jeezy is known as much for his larger-than-life swagger as he is for his music. We had a chance to talk at-bat songs with the Southern rapper as he releases his third studio album The Recession.

MAG.COM: What's it like hearing one of your songs in a major league stadium? JEEZY: Honestly, I'm on the road so much that I never really get a chance to go to baseball games. I wish I could though, 'cause I'm friends with a bunch of those guys. But they tell me they hear my songs when people come to bat. They keep me up on that stuff. They say "Go Getter" and "Put On" get played a lot.

What's it like knowing a lot of guys choose your songs to pump it up? It feels great. From where I came from, man, to know these players pick me to get them in the zone to hit home runs, it just makes you feel really respected and like, just good inside.

Do you think about what a song would sound like in a stadium when you're writing? To be honest, I think about the clubs when I write. But I should probably start thinking about stadiums, because the songs sound even better there—and bigger.

What would your at-bat song be? "Put On."

That's Ryan Howard's song. What makes it a great at-bat song? It just gives you that feeling like, I've got to put on for my city. You know how we do in Atlanta. I've got to put on for my teammates, too. It would put me in the right mindset to hit a home run, that kind of thing. I can see why a guy would choose it. It's the best choice I can think of.

If you weren't allowed to pick one of your own songs, what would you choose? It would have to be Outkast. Probably "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik." You gotta put yourself in the right mind, and that just reminds me of the days I was growin' up.

Who are your friends in baseball? I know a bunch of guys. A-Rod. And last time I was in Tampa I kicked it with the Rays.

Do you know that A-Rod's at-bat song is "This is Why I'm Hot" by Mims? I did not know that. We gotta get on top of that.