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Friday, October 24, 2008

"I got Terrelle." "I got the better record."

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As you hopefully know, Penn State travels to Ohio State for Saturday Night Football this weekend (8pm, ABC). Let's get the three big storylines out of the way: (1) PSU wins and they may well play for the national championship; (2) Terrelle Pryor basically spurned PSU (he's from PA!) to play for OSU and (3) the world pretty much needs Joe Paterno to pull this one out, otherwise there's an outside chance Jim Tressel finds his way to Miami. (We all know how that ends up!) With the basics done, let's take a brief look at the history of the rivalry.

The 2005 game was epic. This play from the 2006 game may be the most replayed Troy Smith highlight from his time in Columbus. In last year's game, the Nittany Lion danced to "Thriller." Here are some clips from the 1996 game. Eddie George running wild in the 1995 game. The 1993 game. The 1975 game. A lesson in PSU/OSU history. A rivalry guide. A good look at the thrillers in the series. A video from The Daily Collegian about the rivalry. And, an article from the same paper.