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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This isn't going to end well for someone below.

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If you search "Alley Oop" on YouTube, there's roughly 5,200 results. That's good news, because it's one of the most exciting plays in basketball. (It's pretty much kept Shawn Kemp in the American consciousness.) While a few of the videos are guys talking into a camcorder about how cool Chris Paul to Tyson Chandler is and we're pretty sure one is a Norwegian guy named "Oop" dancing in an alley, most are legitimate clips of in-flight slam-a-lam-a-jamma. Here now, we attempt to show you as much of that as you rightfully deserve to see.

First: read this article on the history and some key background points of the alley-oop. For our money, you need to start a visual appreciation of the concept with this: Payton to Kemp. The contemporary equivalent: Chris Paul to Tyson Chandler, who hooked up on 106 of these puppies last year. This video, from Chinese TV, purports to show the 10 best NBA alley-oops ever. It's pretty close to being accurate. This is a five-minute video on "the science of the alley-oop," but trust us: it has many, many examples. A rather ridiculous J.R. Smith 360 alley-oop. Remember that Dwight Howard alley to beat the Spurs a few years back? Unreal. These are the Top 10 alley-oops of the 2006-2007 NBA season, as picked by NBA TV. A ridiculous Wade-to-Shaq alley. The famous Kobe to Shaq alley in 2000. This is a 4:30 mix tape of alley-oop slams. Pretty ridiculous video, honestly. By "ridiculous" we mean good. The scene from Semi Pro about "the birth of the alley oop" can be found here. This Webber to Dalembert one from a few seasons ago is pretty underrated. Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard discussing "the art of the alley-oop." Because we can: here's the song "Alley Oop" by the Hollywood Argyles. We'd be remiss not to have at least one LeBron individual clip in here. Vince Carter also needs an individual clip, and this one is fairly amazing. This Tom Chambers dunk is fairly amazing as well, especially considering it's, well, Tom Chambers. Yahoo! Answers on the current best alley-oop combo in the NBA. Technically one of the most famous alley-oops of all-time, so we'll end with it.