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Friday, November 14, 2008
Friday Filberts

Today's Link-O-Rama comes via telegraph routed through our auxiliary office in Fields, Oregon.

• Roy Halladay finished second in the Cy Young balloting, as he probably should have. It was a strong second. But apparently Halladay was completely ignored by three of the voters. And for FanGraphs' Eric Seidman, them's fightin' words.

• Is there this much outrage about the award voting every year? I suppose a lot of it's because many voters actually write about voting; I don't believe this happened much until fairly recently. Anyway, Terry Pluto's taking some heat for being the Manager of the Year voter who kept Joe Maddon from winning unamimously, and Pluto's not shy about it.

Look, by the historical standards of the award, Maddon should have been the unanimous winner. I would have voted for him. But don't you think if you had every single piece of information about the jobs that Maddon and Gardenhire did in 2008, there's at least a chance that you would choose Gardenhire, too? The Manager of the Year Award should go to the manager who's made the biggest difference over the course of the season. Unfortunately, we have just a tiny fraction of the information, so we fall back on pre-season predictions and end-of-season wins and losses. Which is the best most of us can do. But I'm not going to hold it against Pluto for thinking about other things. Maybe there's a lesson in there for us.

• There's been a great deal of talk this week about Matt Holliday's home/road splits, and rightly so. But as Beyond the Box Score's Sky Kalkman suggests, let's not overdo it!

• I apologize for letting the passing of Herb Score pass without comment. That's on me. Fortunately, Joe Posnanski has me covered and a lot more.

• As ShysterBall points out, it's just a little late for New York City journalists to start asking questions about spending hundreds of millions of public dollars on playgrounds for billionaires.

• If rumors were stocks, I'd invest in PEAVY.

• David Pinto says if the Yankees play Nick Swisher in right field, they'll be pleased with him, but if they play him at first base, they won't. According to Brian Cashman, Swisher's going to play first base.

• When I saw the Orioles' new uniforms, I was hoping that UniWatch would obsess about them. As usual, Lukas doesn't disappoint.

• You think predicting a baseball player's statistics is hard? Turns out a monkey named Marcel can do it better than any of the professors with their fancy degrees and such.