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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Boras entertains media throng

Call it theater of the absurd when, just after 4 p.m. PT, Scott Boras created quite a scene here in Vegas.

Boras came out of an elevator bank at the Bellagio, and a pack of reporters surrounded him. Boras was leaning up against a glass wall of a gift shop when hotel security officers started screaming at reporters that they could not shoot in the lobby.

After a few minutes of ignoring their pleas, a head security guard parted the sea of reporters, instructing Boras to take his show to a nearby ballroom.

That began a five-minute journey of at least 40 reporters following the super agent through the hotel hallways. Onlookers were bemused by the scene.

At one point, a young man wearing a Yankees cap was walking alongside me.

"Hey, Mom, I'm following Scott Boras," he said through his cell phone. "We're all following him. He's got some sort of press conference."

The scene ended at the media workroom, where Boras stood on an impromptu dais and addressed questions about his crop of free agents.

The answers were not nearly as entertaining as the show that preceded them.