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Thursday, January 8, 2009
Clip Reel: Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap will dunk on your dome.

What is "Clip Reel?"

Here's a summary of what we (think we) know: Carlos Boozer will probably opt out after this season and get big money somewhere else (Miami?). When that happens, the Jazz will suffer in the middle, right? Incorrect. Paul Millsap notched his 19th consecutive double-double last night in a big win over the Hornets, logically a Top 3 team in the West. Millsap went to Louisiana Tech. Know who else went there? A pretty famous Jazz forward. One hint: back end of the pick-and-roll? Uh huh. Here now is a look at the Man Who Would Be The Mailman.

Here's his Wiki. Pro Basketball Reference. NBA.Com player page. Here's a "Supreme Mix" of Millsap put together by a fan. Decent collection of 2006-2007 highlights, albeit brief. This is pretty sweet: Millsap trains with MMA fighters in the offseason. Nice flush dunk against the Spurs. Ridic circus shot against the Nuggets. Posterizes "The White Gorilla." Millsap locker room interview after going for 32 and 10 against the Celtics. The young fella provides the media with the "must win" quote. Millsap rejects Shaq. Millsap taking over against the Warriors in the '07 Playoffs. Bosh vs. Millsap?!?! Nice fade-away vs. the Suns. Interesting link. Wow, they're already writing articles with headlines such as this, eh? The Millsap/Boozer Situation. Interview he did with "Hoops Addict." This "Jazzbots" page is fairly cool. "Every game I'm hustling." "The Paul Millsap Doctrine." Dude's a team player.