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Monday, January 12, 2009
Monday Mendozas

Your compass is going haywire? Don't worry, today's links emanate from the Iron Range, and things should return to normal as soon as you're finished reading each and every one of them …

• Even before the inevitable announcement this afternoon, it's good to see Rickey Henderson get his due.

• Still reeling about Willie Bloomquist, and I'm not alone. In the wake of that news, reactions from Rany Jazayerli, Sam Mellinger and Joe Posnanski. And since the Royals have become irrelevant once again, this might be the last time I mention them before Opening Day.

• Remember when the pundits thought Jose Canseco would have a better career than Dave Winfield? If not, don't worry; the blogger at wezen-ball does.

• It's early, but you have to admire the willingness of the Mariners' new management to communicate with their smartest fans (and it helps that they're saying most of the right things, too).

• Quite frankly, King Kaufman makes a good point.

• Oddly, one of the explanations for the Rays' success last season -- shortstop Jason Bartlett anchoring a vastly improved defense -- doesn't really hold water, at least not statistically, because Bartlett's numbers actually weren't real good. The blogger at Rays Index takes a closer look and points out (correctly) that Bartlett is likely to be a lot better this seaason. Throw in a full season of David Price and the addition of Pat Burrell, and the Rays have a real shot at defying the Plexiglass Principle.

• Chone Smith thinks the Angels should sign one of the sluggardly sluggers who are still available. Smith recommends Adam Dunn, but (like most Angels fans) he'd settle for just about anybody who could hit the ball over the fence and draw some walks.

• We know that Rickey Henderson's going into the Hall of Fame this summer, and it looks like Jim Rice will, too. You know I feel that one of them deserves the honor but the other does not. One thing that doesn't concern me, though … I don't believe that the election of Rice will significantly lower the standards of the Hall any more than the elections of Catfish Hunter and Bruce Sutter did. The voters didn't use the election of Hunter to justify voting for Luis Tiant or Orel Hershiser, nor have they used the election of Sutter to justify voting for Dan Quisenberry or Tom Henke. I doubt if they'll use Rice's election to justify voting for Dave Parker and Albert Belle, though I suppose this is small consolation for Parker.