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Friday, January 23, 2009
Clip Reel: Andrew Bynum

"Sittin' on top of the world..."

What is "Clip Reel?"

At dinner with our cousin two nights before New Year's Eve, and he says: "NBA Finals will be Celtics/Lakers again. Lakers in five, with Andrew Bynum winning the MVP." We laughed so hard we almost spit our Sam Winter in his grill. Bynum as Finals MVP? Lakers in five? But the way he's been playing of late—a few nights ago, he rendered a Kobe Bryant triple-double basically irrelevant to the press—makes you wonder: could it happen? Here's a look at the manchild.

Here's his Wiki. NBA.Com page. This is his official site. Pro Basketball Reference page. Here are clips from the 42-point, 15-board performance against the Clippers this week. Here's a mix of his highlights called "Sky Is The Limit." Some humorous Shaq vs. Bynum stuff from a few years back. Interesting: clips of his 21st birthday party. More interesting: "A Day in the Life." This clip reel of his highlights is called "Most Improved." This one is called "The Making Of A Beast." Here's a good mix with a bunch of dunk clips. Is Phil Jackson throwing Bynum under the bus in this clip? This is special: a video on Kareem's work with Bynum. Here's the clip of him getting drafted by the Lake Show in '05. This video is called "The Prodigy." "Andrew Bynum destroys Joey Graham." Here's Bynum's "exit interview" after the Cs beat them in the Finals last year. Good LA Times article on Bynum recently. Another one from that paper, about the importance of Kareem to his game. "Andrew Bynum will not be dunked on." We talked up Bynum in the Western Conference preview this season. The comments on this are fairly detailed from Lakers fans.