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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Clip Reel: Fans Behaving Badly

Yes, this is generally unwise.

What is "Clip Reel?"

We're not condoning any of what follows; rather, off this recent ESPN The Magazine feature about heckling, we've compiled a "Clip Reel" for you on some fans-in-the-stands-not-being-nice incidents. It's what happens when heckling goes to the next level, improperly.

Browns fans throw seats and benches. Ah, Super Bowl streakers. Hmm, streakers at horse races? Always a good idea: "fan attacks wrestler." Guy streaks onto soccer pitch, Becks kicks a ball at him. Ha. Flip side: in this case, the streaker MAKES A GOAL! The Brett Favre version of all this. This guy is running pretty well when you consider he's in a straight jacket. Remember the whole situation with the Royals' first base coach a few years ago? Don't know if you saw Fever Pitch, but in this case, Red Sox security seems to be a little more on top of things. The Monica Seles stabbing is also referenced in our "History of Heckling" piece. This fan on the field during the Sox/Rays game makes a lot of security personnel miss tackles. In hindsight, "10 Cent Beer Night" was a bad idea. James Harrison shows off his Defensive POY skills. The Bumblebee will level you. Sometimes, your entire goal is to hug Ichiro. How much is too much? Fan behavior: a major issue. At Wisconsin in '03, the Faculty Senate was discussing it. Wow, Myles Brand has written on the topic!