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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
ESPN Insider: Questions and Answers for the NFC South

In our world, this is a key factor in the NFC South next season.

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The NFC South is, simply put, the "hot fire." The Falcons made the playoffs and have our 2009 NEXT winner at the QB slot. The Bucs just hired a dynamic young coach (granted, team is a lil' old). The Panthers made the playoffs and broke down against the Cardinals, but that two-back system is deadly. The Saints are legitimately good too. Sooooooooooo…what are the keys to the NFC South next year? ESPN Insider has you covered with this piece. Now for a math lesson: $2.50 a month to sign up for this service, eh?

That's like, um, 30 bucks a year. The last time you watched a NFC South game on a Sunday with your boys (or girls), what was the tab? 7 for the mozz sticks, 12 for two pints of Sierra Nevada because you were feeling your oats that day, plus a four-dollar tip? That's 23. What's more valuable: the information or the experience? And what if you could drop one Sunday at the watering hole, get the information in articles like dis, and then impress everyone the next time out? Someone would probably buy you a beer. Suddenly, everything's looking fine, isn't it? We're here for you.