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Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Debating Piazza's acne issues

In the midst of conducting some long-running and apparently endless business with an ill-liked colleague, Murray Chass writes about the pimples on Mike Piazza's back:

Look, I'm not saying that Murray Chass is wrong about Piazza. My personal opinion about power hitters of Piazza's era is that they're mostly guilty until proven mostly innocent. You might think that's terribly unfair. But this isn't a court of law. It's a court of opinion, and I'm entitled to form mine however I like.

To that end, I ran Chass' piece past my friend Rany Jazayerli. Now, you probably know Rany as a brilliant writer with Baseball Prospectus and his own blog. But his patients know him as Dr. Jazayerli, Crack Dermatologist, and I'm lucky to have him whenever the baseball talk turns to pimples, blemishes and oozing pustules. Rany's take:

That is just about my take, too. If we do take Chass' word and his memory at face value, we're looking at just one more piece of evidence. There will, I suspect, be more.

(H/T: BTF's Newsstand)