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Monday, March 16, 2009
Too Short For A Column

Denver Broncos QB Jay Cutler is getting jerked around like a Shetland Pony at a six-year-old's birthday party.

Just to recap: Incredible young talent leads team to second-rated offense in the league last year. Has seven 300-plus yard games and one 400-plus yarder. Does it all while going through seven different running backs and a defense with more holes than a Tyler Perry plot. Makes the Pro Bowl. Becomes the leader of the team.

Then his coach gets fired. Then the guy calling his plays leaves town. Then he finds out his new coach -- a 32-year-old rookie -- is shopping him for a trade. In the NFL, if you're thinking of shopping your star, you better not get caught.

But the Rookie got caught.

Only The Rookie lies about it -- says he was only "listening to offers." Then, in a face-to-face with Cutler, the coach flip-flops. Says, "Yes, we were trying to trade you, so what?" Cutler gets torqued and says so. The world starts calling Cutler a "baby" and reminds him that "this is a business."

But now Cutler sees he's not wanted, can't trust his coach and is no longer the leader in his teammates' eyes. So his career is suddenly dropping like GE stock. His ability to perform has been shredded. So he says, "Trade me," and now he's spoiled? He needs to shut up and take it? How come it's a business for everybody but Cutler?