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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My genius readers came up with plenty more Way Legit to Quit reasons for abandoning your team -- to add to my 10. Among the best:

11. (Your) team sells their soul to the devil ... or in this case when the Bills sign T.O. It's bad enough that Rob Johnson has a Super Bowl Ring and Jim Kelly does not but please, not T.O.!!!

-- B.J. Schoonmaker (Pittsford, NY)

12. You can ditch any team that Isiah Thomas destroyed. I've been a Knicks fan since the late 60's, but have not been able to watch them since Isiah's (mis)rule.

-- Steve Lichtenstadter (Marietta, GA)

13. Your team signs Brett Favre after he totally ruined another franchise.

-- Jeff Satalin (Syracuse)

14. Your team has been cheating repeatedly. As a former die-hard Alabama fan, I've grown tired of the never-ending NCAA investigations, sanctions and probations. And more than "grown tired," I've become disgusted with how the program has been run. It's a disgrace, and I feel quite justified in my decision to put them aside until they can behave themselves. And no, no amount of winning will change my mind.

-- Russ Bosarge (Mobile)

15. Your team got moved to another city right when it was getting good, then four years later came back and started sucking right as the team in that other city got good. And you have never know your starting quarterback until the first regular season game. (May I present to you, your Cleveland Browns.)

-- Sidd

16. The owner of your team dies under mysterious circumstances. The new owner strikes it rich with the passing of her sixth husband. Her first order of business is to fire his son, who actually knew something about football. She marries (No. 7) another guy who is busted for scapling Super Bowl tickets. She runs the franchise into the ground so she can move them to her hometown. Would make for a great book if it weren't true. How that lady got a free pass all of those years is unbelievable. Grew up a (Los Angeles) Rams fan -- now a college football fan.

-- Bryan Bodine (Fullerton, Calif.)

17. (Your owner) sues ticketholders who can no longer afford tickets (including a 72-year-old grandmother and an unemployed paranoid schizophrenic), and then makes a pile of money selling those same tickets to ticket brokers!. Things have been going downhill ever since this spoiled rich kid (Dan Snyder) bought the Redskins so he could have a new toy to play with.

-- Alan Prochoroff (Alexandria)

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