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Monday, April 5, 2010
Too Short For A Column

Andy Reid once wanted to be a sportswriter, which might explain why he just made a trade that was dumber than a fur sink.

Reid, the Philadelphia Eagles' coach, just traded a 33-year-old Pro Bowl quarterback to a team in his own division. And not just any team -- a team coached by a Super Bowl coach, Mike Shanahan.

Understand, Donovan McNabb did not have trade approval. Reid could've exiled McNabb to Oakland or Buffalo, but he didn't. "We thought this was best for Donovan," Reid said.

Best for Donovan? What is this, a halfway house? This is a business! I get that Reid feels "close" to Donovan and "likes" Donovan, but does Reid like his job? He just handed Shanahan the hammer to beat him over the head with! And Reid even admitted McNabb would've been "happy" going to Oakland.

Do you think Bill Belichick would've done it? Traded a quarterback with three or four good years left in him to an offensive genius in his own division? No. Belichick would've traded him to Kazakhstan. Belichick does what's best for Belichick, not the player he's shipping out.

"I was very much surprised [McNabb was traded to a division rival]," says John Elway, who was two years older than McNabb is now when Shanahan went to Denver, where the two of them won two Super Bowls together. "It's a great deal for McNabb. Older quarterbacks have had success with Mike."

Look, Reid's not sending McNabb off to war here. He's just sending him somewhere else to make his $11.2 million a year.

Here's how you trade your superstar. When the Dodgers wanted to trade Jackie Robinson, they sent him to the team he hated the most, the Giants. Robinson retired rather than play for them.

Unless McNabb suddenly gets an incurable case of gout in the offseason, this is one good deed that definitely won't go unpunished.

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