ESPN Arcade is top search in January's top searches for January 2010

Originally Published: February 1, 2010
By Maalek Marshall |

Top search of the month: ESPN Arcade

ESPN's Arcade section has consistently been a top search in the past few months, but it finally broke through as the top overall search in January. Sure, all the games are fun and highly addictive, but football fever seemed to fuel most of the Arcade searches in January, as five of the section's top 10 games were related to the gridiron ("Speed Back," "Electric QB," "Wide Out," "FG Kicker: It's Gooooooood!!!" and "Linebacker"). Whether the spike in searches was caused by more users feeding their football jones while fewer games were being played or simply a growing user awareness of the section's great games, ESPN Arcade topped all other searches with more than 40,000.

Quick hits

  • No. 7 Pro Bowl: It's been 21 years since the Pro Bowl took place in January, but this year's was the first time fans were able to enjoy the game the week before the Super Bowl.
  • No. 10 Tim Tebow: Tebow's struggles at the Senior Bowl practices and the buzz about his Super Bowl commercial fueled plenty of searches for the Heisman-winning QB in January.
  • No. 14 Women's basketball: UConn has been dominant as it seeks its second consecutive NCAA title … and the team even has a chance to break its own NCAA-record 70-game unbeaten streak on the way to its goal.
  • No. 18 Tennis: The Australian Open featured captivating final matchups for both the men and women as Andy Murray looked to knock off Roger Federer and end the 74-year Grand Slam drought for British men, and unranked Justine Henin challenged Serena Williams for the title in only her second tournament after returning from retirement.

Surprise search of the month: Gilbert Arenas

Arenas' return from injury at the start of the NBA season looked promising, but his recent attempts at humor have caused much more damage to his career than his oft-injured knee ever did. Arenas' thoughtless decision to bare more arms than Michelle Obama in the Wizards' locker room while challenging teammate Javaris Crittenton to a Western-style showdown -- followed by his careless comments and actions while the incident was still being investigated -- ended up getting him suspended for the season. The drama surrounding Agent Zero's actions made him January's surprise search, as there were more than 4,400 searches for him after only 558 searches in December -- an increase of nearly 700 percent.

The complete top 25

1. ESPN Arcade
2. Senior Bowl
3. NFL mock draft
4. Boxing
5. NFL expert picks
6. Top 10 Plays
7. Pro Bowl
8. Bracketology
9. TMQ
10. Tim Tebow
11. NFL playoffs
12. NFL draft
13. Brett Favre
14. Women's basketball
15. NBA trade machine
16. Super Bowl
17. PTI
18. Tennis
19. LeBron James
20. Colt McCoy
21. Floyd Mayweather
22. Kobe Bryant
23. Mike Leach
24. Streak for the Cash
25. John Wall

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