DuVall vs. DeGarmo in AIC charity final

Updated: December 24, 2011, 11:46 AM ET
By Jim Wilkie |

After knocking out drummer Sean Kinney, singer William DuVall is the sole representative of Alice in Chains left with a chance to win the third annual Alice in Chains & Friends Fantasy Football Charity League.

DuVall will take on Chris DeGarmo in the final over the last two weeks of the NFL season after the former Queensryche guitarist eliminated Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell in the other semifinal matchup.

Although it's DuVall's first season in the league, earlier this week he said he hasn't received any advice from fantasy football veteran and league founder Cantrell.

"We've done all right as it is. Now hopefully we can bring it home," DuVall wrote in an email Thursday. "I want to thank and congratulate everyone who participated this year. And I especially want to thank my head coach, Mark Wakefield, for doing a brilliant job. This was a fun introduction to this entire process for me."

DeGarmo is also a rookie and he has been getting help in managing his team from Cantrell's ex-girlfriend, Heather Ankeny.

"Making it to the finals, let alone the championship game, was a pleasant surprise as far as my expectations," DeGarmo said via email Friday. "My co-owner, Heather Ankeny, may have had higher expectations. She's been a tremendous help, as my schedule has required her additional guidance and input. Many thanks to Heather."

Each of the 10 participants in the league will put one valuable item up for an auction after the season. The league champion will get to designate which charity receives the net proceeds of the auction.

It's a fitting matchup, as DeGarmo's Mach Six's were the highest-scoring team in the regular season and so far in the playoffs, DuVall's Team DuVall were second in points in the regular season and third in the postseason.

"Although my point total is marginally higher, it's going to be tough to beat William. The projections are favoring a Duvall victory, so I'll just hope it's close and enjoy the underdog status," said DeGarmo, who is donating a Fernandez Sustainer guitar he has used on numerous Queensryche recordings for the charity auction.

DeGarmo doesn't foresee any tough roster decisions, but DuVall was still mulling over his options at running back and wide receiver as of Thursday afternoon.

"It's between [Bills RB C.J.] Spiller, [Jets RB Shonn] Greene and [Cowboys WR] Dez Bryant. My head coach is leaning toward playing Greene and Spiller because they're likely to get more touches. But we've been burned by both before. So it is indeed a dilemma," said DuVall, who is donating an autographed black ESP LTD Hybrid 400 guitar for the charity auction.

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