McKagan shakes up Alice standings

Originally Published: October 23, 2009
By Jim Wilkie |

Watch out at the top, because Team McKagan D will take you down.

Duff McKagan's team sent Zakk Wylde Doom Crew Inc. to its first loss last week in the Alice in Chains & Friends Charity Fantasy Football League, dropping the Doom Crew into a first-place tie with the KWS Domination at 5-1.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd's high-scoring team suffered its only loss to McKagan D back in Week 2. Next in McKagan's sights is the Scott Ian Mean Machine, which has ridden a three-game winning streak to a third-place tie with Team The Brickwall (4-2).

League organizer Jerry Cantrell celebrated his 146-82 victory over Matt Willig by comparing it to Willig's portrayal of Little Chino on the Showtime series "Dexter." Enjoy that and some other selected smack talk from the league message board.

JC Aroma of Tacoma
Posted: Oct 18, 5:45 PM
That's a psychopathic beat down I put on ya this week, Willig … Took a page out of Dexter's book, might need his help to dispose of that big carcass of yours.

Scott Ian Mean Machine
Knowshon was a Kno-sho
Posted: Oct 20, 12:02 AM
How sweet it is!! Three in a row and the Mean Machines ascension continues … no one is safe.

JC Aroma of Tacoma
Week 6 In The Books
Posted: Oct 20, 3:57 AM
Well my team finally woke the hell up!!! Matt, you might be passing a little blood after that a-- whoopin I put on you. I would have preferred that Randy Moss had a touchdown a week instead of three in a game, but what the hey. Duff, nice work in taking out Phil's … I mean Zakk's team this week. It's hard to win against a ringer, so double congrats. Scott, good to see you keeping Vinnie honest. Mr. Shepherd took out Aronoff's squad in the battle of the Kennys. That leaves us with Matthew. Although you did get a win, it was against the league weakling. Mikey, come on dude!!! Even the Raiders won this week.

Calabasas Clueless
Re: Week 6 In The Books
Posted: Oct 20, 6:52 PM
How in the hell does one guy get Jones-Drew and Moss on the same team. Sounds pretty BS to me. 63 points between the two of 'em this past Sunday. I challenge anyone to not get their head knocked off. Not to mention, my RBs are non-existent. I might as well drop RBs from my team, go with a five-wideout formation. Can I do that?
My boy Gore comes back this week, hopefully, so watch out you b-------!!!!!!

Each participant in the Alice in Chains & Friends Charity Fantasy Football League will put up one valuable item for auction by the end of the season. The league champion will designate which charity receives the auction's proceeds. More details on the auction will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Here are the standings after Week 6, with a look ahead to this weekend's matchups (mouse over the photos for bios of the participants):