Match the hitter with at-bat music

Detroit Tigers star outfielder Curtis Granderson likes to keep people guessing about his choices for at-bat walk-up music.

Currently he uses "Get Up" by 50 Cent, "I Can't Live Without My Radio" by LL Cool J and "Announcement" by Common.

"I just try to find stuff others aren't going to use. I prefer obscurity," Granderson said via e-mail. "I know [Yankees shortstop Derek] Jeter is using the 50 Cent song, though. I also to try and get a laugh out of people, either in the stands or the dugouts.

In past seasons, Granderson said he has used "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe, "Nuthin' But A G Thang" by Dr. Dre and "Rock Star" by N.E.R.D.

He said he's not at all superstitious about any link between the songs and his performance on the field.

"I try to mix it up at all times," Granderson said. "As for changing during slumps, I won't change my songs if I'm in one, I'll just change because I feel I need to. Speaking of, I think it's time for a song change again."

Here are links to the songs featured in this week's Batter's Hit Box if you want to download any of them from iTunes:

"Turn It Up" by Chamillionaire -- Chamillionaire - The Sound of Revenge - Turn It Up

"In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins -- Phil Collins - Face Value - In the Air Tonight

"The Boomin' System" by LL Cool J -- LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out - The Boomin' System

"Crawl" by Kings of Leon -- Kings of Leon - Only By the Night - Crawl

"Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie -- Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe - Living Dead Girl

"Do the 45" by Ryan Shaw -- Ryan Shaw - This Is Ryan Shaw - Do the 45

"Ahora es" by Wisin & Yandel -- Wisin & Yandel - Los Extraterrestres - Ahora Es

"Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee -- Daddy Yankee - Barrio Fino - Gasolina