Match the hitter with at-bat music

San Francisco Giants outfielder Randy Winn has three songs in the rotation for his at-bat walk-up music.

They are "Universal Mind Control" by Common, "Swagga Like Us" by T.I. and "Get Stupid" by Vallejo, Calif., native Mac Dre.

"I usually pick my songs," said Winn, 35, who went to school at Santa Clara University. "You know, now that I'm back home in the Bay Area I try to pick more local stuff, some Bay Area people, but I usually throw in some of my other favorites as well."

Winn also listed Jay-Z as one of his favorite artists to listen to on his iPod along with Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Mos Def and Common.

"Just a mix," Winn said when asked if they were entire albums or selected songs. "I usually pick a couple songs from each person and make a playlist out of that.

"Actually I've been mixing more quote-unquote old school stuff: EPMD, Big Daddy Kane and stuff like that, you know, some older stuff try to mix that in, stuff that I haven't heard a whole lot of lately."

Winn said he doesn't listen to any specific music before a game, but just what's playing in the clubhouse, which is usually decided by the starting pitcher.

"When [Giants starter Barry] Zito's pitching, you know it," Winn said. "He has his music, so usually we let the starting pitcher decide, whatever he wants to listen to; sometimes the guy doesn't really care."

Here are links to Winn's at-bat tunes and the songs featured in this week's Batter's Hit Box game if you want to download any of them from iTunes:

"Universal Mind Control" by Common --
Common - Universal Mind Control - Universal Mind Control (UMC)

"Swagga Like Us" by T.I. -- T.I. - Paper Trail (Deluxe Version) - Swagga Like Us (T.I. and Jay-Z) [feat. Kanye West and Lil' Wayne]

"Get Stupid" by Mac Dre -- Mac Dre - Mac Dre Presents: Don't Hate the Playa Hate the Game #4 - Get Stupid

"Fuego" by Yaga Y Mackie featuring Tego Calderon -- Yaga & Mackie & Tego Calderon - La Moda - Fuego

"Work" by Gang Starr -- Gang Starr - Moment of Truth - Work

"Show Me What You Got" by Jay-Z -- Jay-Z - Kingdom Come - Show Me What You Got

"Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin -- Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (Remastered) - Kashmir

"My Life" by The Game -- The Game - LAX - My Life

"Cuentale" by Don Omar -- Don Omar - King of Kings - Cuentale

"Roll With Me" by Montgomery Gentry -- Montgomery Gentry - Back When I Knew It All - Roll With Me

"The Time Is Now" by John Cena and Tha Trademarc -- John Cena & Tha Trademarc - RAW: Greatest Hits - The Music - The Time Is Now