Chicago is the real TitleTown USA

Please don't let the centennial of the Cubs' last World Series victory fool you. One team, in a city that over the years has defined entire decades in sports, means nothin'. Chicago is bigger than the Cubs in respect to collecting chips. Or 'ships, as in: championships.

Titles have rested on our shoulders like minks and sables on Liz Taylor and Bishop Juan. We look good when we wear them, and no other city can rock them like we do. Unlike Green Bay (a city trying to claim itself TitleTown with only one recognized team in one sport is like a presidential candidate claiming to go to Bosnia and … you know) and L.A. (a city that claims titles belong to it when recognizing Anaheim becomes convenient), Chicago over the past century has been so title-worthy you'd mistake it for a living library.

Want titles? What city followed up three end-of-season titles in the NFL before it had a playoff system (the Staleys in '21, the Cardinals in '25 and the Bears in '32) with the first official NFL title in '33 … and five more over the next 15 years? What city won three of the first five World Series, including the first back-to-back champions?

The Blackhawks have won three chips, and I shouldn't have to mention the Super Bowl XX title the Bears won that still trumps any other Super Bowl win since. Or those six -- count 'em! -- chips some guy named Jordan and his sidekick Pippen dynastied in the '90s. Or the World Series chip that "other" team from the South Side stole just three years ago. Need more? We even collected a chip in Arena football, with the Rush winning the title in 2006.

I won't even detail the titles Jesse Owens (who called Chicago home) won during his great career, or the ones Muhammad Ali won throughout his "greatest" career while he was a Chicago resident. And where's Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski (with his three NCAA titles) from?

Tired of reading, aren't you? I know. If this were a closing argument in court, the jury wouldn't even go back and deliberate. They'd find Chicago guilty. Guilty of being the most comprehensive, all-sport town of titleholders. Like Dennis Green said, "Crown [our] asses." He knew.

It's called The Chi, but when it comes to titles, there's nothing shy about us.

Scoop Jackson is a columnist for ESPN.com's Page 2.