TitleTown O-H-I-O

Submitted by basebahlnut99

I've only lived in Columbus, Ohio, for 19 years. But oh have 19 years been filled with sports glory. Still, nothing has compared with the past year in sport in Columbus.

The Columbus Destroyers, after winning the final spot in the Arena Football League playoffs (for the first playoff game in the team's brief history), made a miraculous run to the Arena Bowl.

The Ohio State men's basketball team won a Big Ten title, reached the NCAA championship game, then followed that up with an NIT championship this season.

The Ohio State football team has won three consecutive Big Ten titles, with the last two being outright. The Ohio State football team has also reached the past two national championship games, just a few years after winning the National Championship in 2002. Troy Smith won the Heisman Trophy in 2006, and now Beanie Wells is a contender for the '08 edition, along with the entire team, which will once again have a good chance of reaching the National Championship for a third straight year.

The Ohio State wrestling team finished second overall in the NCAA this past season with two individual champions and a national runner-up.
The Ohio State men's soccer team finished second in the country after losing in the NCAA championship game.
The Ohio State men's tennis team finished ranked third in the country after making a quarterfinal appearance in the NCAA tournament.
Even the Ohio State pistol team finished second in its respective rankings.

Submitted by Buckeyebullet069

Are you serious? There is only one TitleTown ... Columbus, Ohio, home of The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Along the banks of the Olentangy River stands the marvelous Shoe. On Saturday game days, the city shuts down -- you are either going to the game, will watch it on the tube or listen to it on radio. In today's computer generation, you can get a live simulcast.

The Buckeyes faithful are like no other college football fans. It is membership in a unique nation that fully embraces Scarlet & Gray, TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band in the Land), memories of Woody and Archie Griffin ... Columbus, Ohio is TitleTown.

Submitted by speedybrowns

While many other cities and towns stand out when you mention TitleTown, most only stand out for one sport. May I humbly submit a town that is synonymous with athletic excellence: Columbus, Ohio. ...

Yes, I know they got beat in the national championships for basketball and football two years in a row, but they DID make it. People always give the Buckeyes a bad rap and say they choke in the big game, but those people are the ones on the outside looking in. So give it up for O-H-I-O.