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Sunday, May 3, 2015

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Seattle signs Army vet Nate Boyer as undrafted free agent (AP, 10:33 PM ET)
No bluffing: Cowboys stick with defense as draft closes (AP, 10:13 PM ET)
Shutout: No Vols picked in NFL draft, a 1st since 1963 (AP, 9:34 PM ET)
Patriots reinforce defensive line on draft's 3rd day (AP, 9:29 PM ET)
Browns wrap up draft, grab wide receiver, ignore quarterback (AP, 9:20 PM ET)
Former Cowboys great retires as Broncos scout (AP, 8:57 PM ET)
Vikings turn focus to offense, targeting versatile linemen (AP, 8:54 PM ET)
49ers fortify offense on third day of draft (AP, 8:48 PM ET)
Seattle turns focus to offensive line on final day (AP, 8:40 PM ET)
Lions move toward filling Suh void with Wright in 4th round (AP, 8:37 PM ET)
Broncos stick with theme of toughness, athleticism (AP, 8:35 PM ET)
Coach Quinn believes 1st NFL draft with Falcons a success (AP, 8:33 PM ET)
Bills stock up on Florida State Seminoles in NFL draft (AP, 8:20 PM ET)
Arizona trades up 7 spots to get DT Rodney Gunter (AP, 8:09 PM ET)
Titans use 7 of 9 draft picks trying to fix woeful offense (AP, 8:06 PM ET)
Raiders fill more holes on final day of draft (AP, 8:04 PM ET)
Saints take 3 more defensive players on draft's last day (AP, 8:03 PM ET)
Mr. Irrelevant: Louisville TE Christian last pick in draft (AP, 8:03 PM ET)
New Falcons defensive tackle Jarrett escapes house fire (AP, 7:58 PM ET)
Jaguars choose mostly from major programs in NFL draft (AP, 7:55 PM ET)
Giants gamble on depth and insurance with final draft picks (AP, 7:52 PM ET)
Jets take Baylor QB Petty in 4th round, acquire Rams' Stacy (AP, 7:42 PM ET)
Steelers go heavy on defense in final day of NFL draft (AP, 7:37 PM ET)
Bucs use 6 of 7 draft picks to bolster sputtering offense (AP, 7:36 PM ET)
Bears focus on help for Cutler despite needs on defense (AP, 7:32 PM ET)
Patriots bolster O-line, D-line on last day of draft (AP, 7:32 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Selections (AP, 7:32 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Selections (AP, 7:32 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft by Position (AP, 7:28 PM ET)
Giants project seventh-round offensive tackle Hart as guard (AP, 7:20 PM ET)
Packers get Michigan linebacker, move up for UCLA QB Hundley (AP, 7:18 PM ET)
NFL DRAFT: Jets grab QB Petty in trade (AP, 7:14 PM ET)
Bengals gamble on USC cornerback Shaw after troubles (AP, 7:13 PM ET)
Rams lean heavily on offense with 7 of 9 picks in draft (AP, 7:04 PM ET)
Colts hope they've found missing pieces to Super Bowl puzzle (AP, 6:54 PM ET)
Eagles wrap up draft with three defensive players (AP, 6:52 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Early Entries Fared (AP, 6:45 PM ET)
Redskins wrap up busy NFL draft, moves result in 10 players (AP, 6:41 PM ET)
2014 NFL Team-by-Team Draft (AP, 6:41 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Selections (AP, 6:38 PM ET)
Texans beef up defense, add receivers in NFL draft (AP, 6:37 PM ET)
Bengals end draft with ball-hawking safety, receiver (AP, 6:35 PM ET)
Falcons pick San Jose State cornerback King in 7th round (AP, 6:30 PM ET)
Titans take receiver Tre McBride of William & Mary in 7th (AP, 6:23 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Trades List (AP, 6:22 PM ET)
With 9 picks, Ravens fill several holes in NFL draft (AP, 6:06 PM ET)
Saints take Missouri running back Murphy in 7th round (AP, 6:00 PM ET)
Chiefs welcome first-round pick Peters on draft's last day (AP, 6:00 PM ET)
Falcons pick offensive lineman Jake Rodgers in 7th round (AP, 5:58 PM ET)
Jaguars select Notre Dame tight end Ben Koyack in 7th round (AP, 5:48 PM ET)
Jaguars take Monmouth WR Sterling with 1st pick in 7th round (AP, 5:41 PM ET)
NFL pick, Baltimore police officer's son seeks equal justice (AP, 5:38 PM ET)
Panthers keep wheeling and dealing on final day of draft (AP, 5:12 PM ET)
Chargers go to FCS school for linebacker Emanuel (AP, 5:09 PM ET)
Rams draft Missouri wide receiver Sasser in 6th round (AP, 5:08 PM ET)
Titans draft Boston College center Andy Gallik in 6th round (AP, 4:57 PM ET)
Bills draft nation's top tight end, Florida State's O'Leary (AP, 4:45 PM ET)
Giants draft UConn receiver Geremy Davis in sixth round (AP, 4:40 PM ET)
Dolphins draft versatile Tony Lippett with their final pick (AP, 4:39 PM ET)
Frank Olivo, Santa pelted with snow at '68 Eagles game, dies (AP, 4:22 PM ET)
Jaguars select Ohio State's Bennett in 6th round of draft (AP, 3:56 PM ET)
Titans draft Louisville LB Deiontrez Mount in 6th round (AP, 3:54 PM ET)
Saints trade for 3rd 5th-round pick, take cornerback Swann (AP, 3:49 PM ET)
Jaguars DE Dante Fowler Jr. chooses No. 56 in ode to RB days (AP, 3:26 PM ET)
Saints draft DT Davison with 2nd 5th-round pick (AP, 3:13 PM ET)
Former player seeks solution for NFL's concussion problem (AP, 2:29 PM ET)
Jaguars pick FSU WR Rashad Greene in 5th round of NFL draft (AP, 2:14 PM ET)
Titans select running back David Cobb of Minnesota at 138 (AP, 2:10 PM ET)
Lions trade into fourth round, pick DL Gabe Wright of Auburn (AP, 1:43 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Selections (AP, 1:42 PM ET)
Titans use 2nd pick in 4th round on fullback Jalston Fowler (AP, 12:49 PM ET)
NFL Calendar (AP, 8:57 AM ET)
Saints have yet to add receiver as draft enters last rounds (AP, 4:37 AM ET)
After taking OL, LB, RB, Redskins enter Day 3 with 7 picks (AP, 4:28 AM ET)
Ravens poised to make 6 picks on final day of NFL draft (AP, 4:23 AM ET)
Falcons likely to keep focus on defense in NFL draft (AP, 4:19 AM ET)
Jaguars still have holes to fill on final day of NFL draft (AP, 4:13 AM ET)
Titans start off 3rd, final day of NFL draft with top pick (AP, 4:10 AM ET)
Bucs beef up protection for Winston, draft 2 linemen (AP, 4:08 AM ET)
Chicago Bears have needs on defense as draft wraps up (AP, 4:07 AM ET)
Lions may try to add DL help on draft's final day (AP, 4:07 AM ET)
LB remains question for Packers going into draft Day 3 (AP, 4:06 AM ET)
Rams will look to add overall roster depth on final day (AP, 4:06 AM ET)
Running back issue lingers for Cowboys on final day of draft (AP, 4:06 AM ET)
Chiefs aim to add depth on final day of NFL draft (AP, 4:05 AM ET)
Miami Dolphins have 4 5th-round picks Saturday (AP, 4:05 AM ET)
Colts still looking for help on offensive line, defense (AP, 4:05 AM ET)
Texans have just 4 picks on Day 3 of NFL draft (AP, 4:05 AM ET)
Vikings take 6 picks into final day of NFL draft (AP, 4:04 AM ET)
Panthers don't draft offensive tackle for 2nd straight year (AP, 4:02 AM ET)
Raiders could target guard on day 3 of draft (AP, 3:07 AM ET)
Cardinals again get extra late pick in draft trade (AP, 3:06 AM ET)
Broncos could be looking at QBs on final day of NFL draft (AP, 3:05 AM ET)
49ers prepare to make 7 more picks on draft's final day (AP, 3:05 AM ET)
Seattle needs to address offensive line on final day (AP, 3:04 AM ET)
Chargers have only 2 picks in final 4 rounds of NFL draft (AP, 3:03 AM ET)
Ex-LSU lineman Collins still undrafted as uncertainty swirls (AP, 2:47 AM ET)
Cowboys' Hardy criticized on Twitter over 9/11-related joke (AP, 2:28 AM ET)
Jets head into draft's final day with 5 picks (AP, 2:04 AM ET)
Steelers look for depth, sleepers in final day of draft (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Patriots have 7 picks on final day of NFL draft (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Bengals still need defensive line help on draft's 3rd day (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
New York Giants have picks in 5th, 6th and 7th rounds on Sat (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Browns enter final day of NFL draft with 5 picks (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Bills not ruling out possibility of drafting QB on Saturday (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Eagles look to bolster offensive line on draft's third day (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Cowboys grab sliding pass rusher Randy Gregory in 2nd round (AP, 12:45 AM ET)
Cowboys' Hardy criticized on Twitter over 9/11-related joke (AP, 12:41 AM ET)
Indianapolis takes CB Smith after trading out of 2nd round (AP, 12:33 AM ET)
Patriots take Stanford defensive back Richards in 2nd round (AP, 12:32 AM ET)
Chargers take Miami linebacker Perryman in 2nd round (AP, 12:31 AM ET)
AP NFL Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:30 AM ET)
49ers select safety Jaquiski Tartt with second-round pick (AP, 12:27 AM ET)
Chicago Bears take DT Eddie Goldman, C Grasu on Day 2 (AP, 12:24 AM ET)
Cardinals take DE Golden, RB Johnson in Day 2 of draft (AP, 12:20 AM ET)
Broncos turn their attention to offense on Day 2 (AP, 12:15 AM ET)
Rams draft 2 offensive linemen, quarterback (AP, 12:14 AM ET)
Redskins take Mississippi State LB Smith, Florida RB Jones (AP, 12:14 AM ET)
Ravens snag TE Williams and DT Davis on draft's 2nd day (AP, 12:11 AM ET)
Raiders take DE Mario Edwards Jr. in 2nd round (AP, 12:10 AM ET)
Ogbuehi hopes to boost name; Bengals draft Fisher, Kroft (AP, 12:10 AM ET)
Vikings select LB Eric Kendricks of UCLA in the 2nd round (AP, 12:05 AM ET)
Lions draft Nebraska RB Abdullah, Stanford CB Carter (AP, 12:04 AM ET)
Jets take Devin Smith, Lorenzo Mauldin on draft's 2nd day (AP, 12:03 AM ET)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Texans select LB McKinney in 2nd round and WR Strong in 3rd (AP, 11:59 PM ET)
Falcons stay focused on defense, select LSU CB Collins (AP, 11:54 PM ET)
Browns' pick Shelton overcame brother's death to make NFL (AP, 11:53 PM ET)
Packers add to secondary, take CB Quentin Rollins (AP, 11:52 PM ET)
Chiefs pick offensive lineman Mitch Morse in second round (AP, 11:46 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Early Entries Fared (AP, 11:42 PM ET)
Steelers begin revamping secondary, take cornerback Golson (AP, 11:42 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Selections (AP, 11:40 PM ET)
Bengals get Big 12's top defender Dawson in 3rd round (AP, 11:36 PM ET)
The Latest: Draft's third round draws to a close (AP, 11:35 PM ET)
Seattle goes with defensive line taking Michigan's Clark (AP, 11:32 PM ET)
Bills fill needs at cornerback and O-line in NFL draft (AP, 11:31 PM ET)
Kelly, Butkus, Woods steal show for 2nd round of draft (AP, 11:31 PM ET)
2014 NFL Team-by-Team Draft (AP, 11:29 PM ET)
Browns select defensive tackle Cooper from Washington State (AP, 11:28 PM ET)
Chiefs draft cornerback Steven Nelson in third round (AP, 11:26 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Trades List (AP, 11:23 PM ET)
Patriots pick Grissom in 3rd round of NFL draft (AP, 11:22 PM ET)
Packers add Stanford receiver-returner Ty Montgomery (AP, 11:22 PM ET)
Saints take Washington linebacker Kikaha with 2nd-round pick (AP, 11:21 PM ET)
Broncos take tight end Jeff Heuerman in third round (AP, 11:20 PM ET)
Cowboys get tackle Chaz Green from Florida in 3rd round (AP, 11:19 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Selections (AP, 11:18 PM ET)
Eagles get defensive back Eric Rowe, linebacker Jordan Hicks (AP, 11:18 PM ET)
Colts take defensive end with 2nd pick in 3rd round of draft (AP, 11:17 PM ET)
Redskins trade down in 3rd round, take Florida RB Jones 95th (AP, 11:16 PM ET)
Ravens take Iowa DT Davis in 3rd round of NFL draft (AP, 11:16 PM ET)
Giants trade up to take Collins with 1st pick in 2nd round (AP, 11:14 PM ET)
Titans take a chance on receiver Dorial Green-Beckham (AP, 11:14 PM ET)
Rams select Oregon State QB Mannion in third round (AP, 11:12 PM ET)
Bengals select Rutgers tight end Tyler Kroft in 3rd round (AP, 11:08 PM ET)
Cardinals pick Northern Iowa RB Johnson in 3rd round (AP, 11:03 PM ET)
Vikings draft LSU DE Danielle Hunter in 3rd round (AP, 11:02 PM ET)
Steelers take Auburn wide receiver Coates in 3rd round (AP, 11:02 PM ET)
Mariota eager to get to work, Titans now have to make QB fit (AP, 11:02 PM ET)
Buccaneers select OT Donovan Smith in second round (AP, 11:01 PM ET)
Chargers draft Texas State cornerback Mager in 3rd round (AP, 11:01 PM ET)
Lions trade up, draft Stanford CB Alex Carter (AP, 11:00 PM ET)
Saints take Florida St. defensive back Williams in 3rd round (AP, 10:56 PM ET)
Jaguars select Yeldon, Cann in 2nd, 3rd rounds of NFL draft (AP, 10:55 PM ET)
Eagles take linebacker Jordan Hicks in third round (AP, 10:50 PM ET)
Rams take Louisville OL Jamon Brown in third round (AP, 10:48 PM ET)
49ers add linebacker Harold out of Virginia in third round (AP, 10:45 PM ET)
Jets take Louisville linebacker Mauldin with 82nd pick (AP, 10:44 PM ET)
Bills pick offensive guard Miller in 3rd round of NFL draft (AP, 10:41 PM ET)
Browns select Miami running back Duke Johnson in 3rd round (AP, 10:33 PM ET)
Chiefs trade up to pick WR Chris Conley in third round (AP, 10:33 PM ET)
Saints take Colorado State QB Garrett Grayson in third round (AP, 10:31 PM ET)
Giants take UCLA defensive end Odighizuwa in 3rd round (AP, 10:24 PM ET)
Falcons select Indiana RB Tevin Coleman in 3rd round (AP, 10:16 PM ET)
Seattle goes with dynamic WR/KR Tyler Lockett (AP, 10:16 PM ET)
Chicago Bears take C Grasu of Oregon in 3rd round (AP, 10:15 PM ET)
Jaguars draft South Carolina guard A.J. Cann in 3rd round (AP, 10:12 PM ET)
Buccaneers select Hobart offensive lineman Ali Marpet (AP, 10:11 PM ET)
Texans draft WR Strong in third round (AP, 10:10 PM ET)
Dolphins take Oklahoma nose tackle Phillips in 2nd round (AP, 9:57 PM ET)
Raiders take TE Clive Walford in 3rd round (AP, 9:52 PM ET)
Titans stick with offense, take tackle Poutasi from Utah (AP, 9:51 PM ET)
Panthers trade 3 picks to draft Michigan receiver Funchess (AP, 9:49 PM ET)
Bengals pick offensive tackle Jake Fisher in second round (AP, 9:29 PM ET)
Browns select linebacker Nate Orchard in 2nd round (AP, 9:05 PM ET)
Giants trade up to take Collins with 1st pick in 2nd round (AP, 8:54 PM ET)
Shane Ray begins his redemption tour (AP, 8:11 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Selections (AP, 7:54 PM ET)
Redskins take Mississippi State LB Smith in 2nd round (AP, 7:51 PM ET)
Giants trade up to take Collins with 1st pick in 2nd round (AP, 7:30 PM ET)
Confident 1st-round pick DeVante Parker joins Miami Dolphins (AP, 7:11 PM ET)
Armstead looks to take NFL path his big brother didn't get (AP, 7:08 PM ET)
Winston signs 4-year contract with Buccaneers (AP, 7:04 PM ET)
Former coach says Falcons new DE Beasley is 'freak athlete' (AP, 7:01 PM ET)
Cardinals' 1st-round pick credits young father's lead (AP, 6:36 PM ET)
Cowboys RB Randle will not face any charges in dispute (AP, 5:14 PM ET)
Voigt pleads not guilty in alleged Ponzi scheme (AP, 4:00 PM ET)
Jets' first-rounder Williams overcame plenty to get to NFL (AP, 3:43 PM ET)
NFL Calendar (AP, 10:16 AM ET)
Saints could seek more defenders on NFL draft's second day (AP, 4:33 AM ET)
Gettleman says Panthers won't trade Day 2 picks (AP, 4:30 AM ET)
Bucs get a quarterback, now looking for offensive support (AP, 4:22 AM ET)
Ravens hope to fill a few more holes in Day 2 of draft (AP, 4:20 AM ET)
Jaguars could turn attention to offense after Fowler pick (AP, 4:14 AM ET)
QB drafted, Titans hold 1st pick at start of NFL's 2nd round (AP, 4:12 AM ET)
Broncos may be in market for offensive lineman on Day 2 (AP, 4:10 AM ET)
Linebacker could be next need to be filled by Packers (AP, 4:09 AM ET)
Redskins hold 38th, 69th overall picks on Day 2 of NFL draft (AP, 4:09 AM ET)
Speculation shifts to backs, pass rushers for Cowboys (AP, 4:08 AM ET)
Falcons may look for running back on 2nd day of NFL draft (AP, 4:07 AM ET)
Chiefs turn to other needs after picking Peters in round 1 (AP, 4:07 AM ET)
Detroit Lions can still use help on DL, at RB in draft (AP, 4:05 AM ET)
Texans happy with QB situation as draft enters Day 2 (AP, 4:05 AM ET)
Colts will look to plug holes with remaining draft picks (AP, 4:05 AM ET)
Dolphins likely to target defensive help on 2nd day of draft (AP, 4:04 AM ET)
Bears could turn attention to defense in 2nd, 3rd rounds (AP, 4:03 AM ET)
Vikings take 2 picks into 2nd day of NFL draft (AP, 4:03 AM ET)
Rams have 5 picks left to address O-line (AP, 4:03 AM ET)
With Gordon secured, Chargers turn to other positions (AP, 3:15 AM ET)
49ers might look to boost secondary on Day 2 of NFL draft (AP, 3:10 AM ET)
Look for Cardinals to address RB, LB in 2nd day (AP, 3:05 AM ET)
Seattle finally gets into the draft with 2 picks on Day 2 (AP, 3:04 AM ET)
Raiders could look to DE, G on day 2 of NFL draft (AP, 3:04 AM ET)
Bengals look for help on defensive line in rest of draft (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Browns enter Day 2 of draft with 8 picks left (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Jets could go several directions during Day 2 of NFL draft (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Bills finally on NFL draft clock after sitting out 1st round (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Eagles look to secondary, O-line after taking wideout first (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Steelers still in search of secondary help (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
After helping offensive line, Giants need help on defense (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Patriots face busy second day after taking Malcom Brown (AP, 2:03 AM ET)
Lions trade down, pick OL Tomlinson of Duke at No. 28 (AP, 12:59 AM ET)
Saints draft offensive tackle Peat, linebacker Anthony (AP, 12:58 AM ET)
Winston brings spotlight to Alabama hometown for draft (AP, 12:57 AM ET)
Colts add speedy receiver Phillip Dorsett in NFL draft (AP, 12:56 AM ET)
Patriots choose Texas defensive tackle Brown in first round (AP, 12:47 AM ET)
Cowboys get cornerback Byron Jones from UConn in 1st round (AP, 12:47 AM ET)
Chargers move up 2 spots to draft running back Melvin Gordon (AP, 12:46 AM ET)
Jameis Winston's draft day dinner: A tray of crab legs (AP, 12:46 AM ET)
Packers take Arizona St DB Damarious Randall in first round (AP, 12:34 AM ET)
AP NFL Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:31 AM ET)
Panthers select Washington LB Thompson with 1st round pick (AP, 12:23 AM ET)
Texans choose Wake Forest CB Kevin Johnson 16th overall (AP, 12:21 AM ET)
Cardinals select OL Humphries with No. 24 pick (AP, 12:16 AM ET)
The Latest: Who's left after NFL draft's opening round? (AP, 12:10 AM ET)
Ravens select WR Perriman with 26th pick in NFL draft (AP, 12:07 AM ET)
NFL commissioner struggles with Mariota's name (AP, 12:07 AM ET)
Bengals take tackle Cedric Ogbuehi with 21st overall pick (AP, 12:03 AM ET)
Vikings take Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes (AP, 12:01 AM ET)
49ers select Oregon defensive lineman Arik Armstead 17th (AP, 12:01 AM ET)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chiefs select cornerback Marcus Peters at No 18 in draft (AP, 11:57 PM ET)
Top 2 picks of Winston, Mariota prove importance of QBs (AP, 11:50 PM ET)
Browns beef up with linemen Shelton, Erving in first round (AP, 11:50 PM ET)
Steelers take LB Bud Dupree with 22nd pick (AP, 11:44 PM ET)
Rams take Georgia running back Todd Gurley with 10th pick (AP, 11:43 PM ET)
Buccaneers select Jameis Winston with top pick in NFL draft (AP, 11:40 PM ET)
Titans select Oregon QB Marcus Mariota with 2nd overall pick (AP, 11:35 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Early Entries Fared (AP, 11:35 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Selections (AP, 11:34 PM ET)
Saints take Clemson linebacker Anthony at No. 31 overall (AP, 11:33 PM ET)
Eagles get wideout Nelson Agholor at No. 20 in NFL draft (AP, 11:31 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Trades List (AP, 11:23 PM ET)
Bears take West Virginia WR Kevin White with 7th pick (AP, 11:20 PM ET)
Broncos move up to grab Shane Ray (AP, 11:19 PM ET)
Cleveland jock tax on out-of-town athletes unconstitutional (AP, 11:12 PM ET)
Jets take Leonard Williams with No. 6 pick in NFL draft (AP, 11:01 PM ET)
Raiders take WR Amari Cooper with 4th pick in NFL draft (AP, 11:00 PM ET)
It's Beats over Bose for Mariota and Winston (AP, 10:50 PM ET)
Louisville receiver Parker taken by Dolphins in NFL draft (AP, 10:44 PM ET)
Giants take Ereck Flowers with 9th overall pick in NFL draft (AP, 10:42 PM ET)
Jaguars select stylish, productive Fowler with 3rd pick (AP, 10:33 PM ET)
Browns take FSU lineman Cameron Erving at No. 19 (AP, 10:25 PM ET)
Falcons pick Clemson DE Vic Beasley with No. 8 pick in draft (AP, 10:11 PM ET)
Redskins take OL Brandon Scherff with 5th pick in NFL draft (AP, 9:10 PM ET)
2015 NFL Draft Selections (AP, 8:42 PM ET)
NFL Draft-Heisman List (AP, 8:22 PM ET)
NFL Draft 1-2 Quarterbacks (AP, 8:21 PM ET)
NFL Draft No. 1 Selections (AP, 8:13 PM ET)
Seahawks go from following others to setting the example (AP, 8:07 PM ET)
NFL denies LSU OL's request to be removed from draft (AP, 7:46 PM ET)
Bears agree to 2-year deal with Bronson (AP, 7:09 PM ET)
Quarterback EJ Manuel still has plenty to prove with Bills (AP, 5:57 PM ET)
Ex-NFL star Plaxico Burress accused of failing to pay taxes (AP, 5:06 PM ET)
Dolphins exercise $16.2 million option on Tannehill for 2016 (AP, 4:34 PM ET)
Harbaugh, Lewis, Ravens visit schools in riot-torn Baltimore (AP, 4:16 PM ET)
NFL draft diary: With draft upon him, Marpet tries to relax (AP, 1:07 PM ET)
NFL Calendar (AP, 10:38 AM ET)
Report: Bills for proposed new St. Louis stadium total $800K (AP, 10:35 AM ET)
Ball envisions regaining Broncos' starting running back job (AP, 2:28 AM ET)
AP NFL Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:30 AM ET)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cardinals exercise fifth-year option for wide receiver Floyd (AP, 8:27 PM ET)
Geno Smith remains confident Jets are still 'my team' (AP, 6:35 PM ET)
Former Australian rugby star Hayne finding way with 49ers (AP, 5:41 PM ET)
Jordan apologizes to Dolphins, says he will finish college (AP, 5:37 PM ET)
JaMarcus Russell heads list of draft busts this century (AP, 5:33 PM ET)
Red flags: how significant will they be for Ray, Gregory? (AP, 5:28 PM ET)
NFL Draft No. 1 Selections (AP, 5:14 PM ET)
NFL First Draft Picks (AP, 5:13 PM ET)
NFL Draft Order (AP, 5:12 PM ET)
Danny Trevathan's knee on mend; full speed by training camp (AP, 4:36 PM ET)
Prosecutor: No felony charges against Cowboys' Joseph Randle (AP, 1:13 PM ET)
Fox to air NFL pregame show from Pearl Harbor on Dec. 6 (AP, 12:26 PM ET)
NFL Calendar (AP, 10:30 AM ET)
NFL draft back in 'City of Big Shoulder Pads' for 7th time (AP, 2:55 AM ET)
NFL increasing support of youth football with flag program (AP, 2:15 AM ET)
AP NFL Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:31 AM ET)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jay Cutler optimistic at start of minicamp (AP, 8:52 PM ET)
Missouri Highway Patrol: Shane Ray cited for pot possession (AP, 8:04 PM ET)
For a change, Rams don't have extra draft picks (AP, 8:02 PM ET)
Cardinals looking at running back, pass rusher in draft (AP, 8:01 PM ET)
After cornerbacks leave, 49ers could look at DBs in draft (AP, 8:00 PM ET)
Offensive line priority for Seattle entering draft (AP, 7:59 PM ET)
Buccaneers expected to use No. 1 overall pick on quarterback (AP, 7:57 PM ET)
Payton's overhaul of Saints continues in draft (AP, 7:55 PM ET)
Falcons expected to look for edge rusher, RB in draft (AP, 7:48 PM ET)
Gettleman: Panthers have options, no glaring need at No. 25 (AP, 7:48 PM ET)
Packers could target CB, LB in first round of draft (AP, 7:47 PM ET)
Defense or receiver seem logical routes for Bears at No. 7 (AP, 7:45 PM ET)
Lions could use RB, plus help on both lines in draft (AP, 7:40 PM ET)
Giants can fill needs at OL, DT or WR with No. 9 pick (AP, 7:40 PM ET)
Jerry Jones: Running back not urgent for Cowboys in draft (AP, 7:39 PM ET)
New Redskins GM McCloughan wants extra picks in draft (AP, 7:38 PM ET)
Kelly-Mariota reunion still the talk of Philly (AP, 7:37 PM ET)
Jets' Amaro not bothered by Rex Ryan's criticisms (AP, 7:35 PM ET)
After decades, NFL decides to give up tax-exempt status (AP, 7:15 PM ET)
New coach Todd Bowles begins first minicamp with Jets (AP, 7:04 PM ET)
Quinn leads first mini-camp practice as Falcons coach (AP, 6:03 PM ET)
Manning begins working on Denver Broncos' new offense (AP, 5:58 PM ET)
From Brady to Bulger, draft bargains since 2000 (AP, 5:55 PM ET)
Miami of Ohio point guard headed to NFL as defensive back (AP, 5:34 PM ET)
Vikings GM: No interest in trading Adrian Peterson (AP, 5:27 PM ET)
New York man charged with stealing identity of ex-NFL player (AP, 5:23 PM ET)
Dolphins' Dion Jordan suspended for 2015 season (AP, 4:52 PM ET)
Maurice Jones-Drew retires, heads to broadcast booth (AP, 4:50 PM ET)
Chiefs sign team president Donovan to contract extension (AP, 4:33 PM ET)
Bengals pick up contract options for Kirkpatrick, Zeitler (AP, 4:17 PM ET)
Titans pick up 5th-year option on receiver Kendall Wright (AP, 4:01 PM ET)
Bills pick up 5th-year option on Stephon Gilmore's contract (AP, 3:19 PM ET)
AP Source: Jets fined $100K by NFL for tampering (AP, 2:32 PM ET)
NFL First Draft Picks (AP, 1:45 PM ET)
NFL Draft-Heisman List (AP, 1:45 PM ET)
NFL Draft 1-2 Quarterbacks (AP, 1:45 PM ET)
NFL Draft No. 1 Selections (AP, 1:45 PM ET)
NFL Draft-Early Entries (AP, 1:44 PM ET)
NFL Draft Order (AP, 1:44 PM ET)
Ravens cancel draft party because of rioting (AP, 1:22 PM ET)
Broncos waive third-year pass-rusher Quanterus Smith (AP, 12:50 PM ET)
NFL Calendar (AP, 9:56 AM ET)