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Monday, March 2, 2015

NBA Capsules (AP, 11:37 PM ET)
AP NBA Headlines At 10:30 p.m. (AP, 11:30 PM ET)
null (AP, 11:09 PM ET)
null (AP, 11:09 PM ET)
Suns-Heat, Box (AP, 11:02 PM ET)
Pelicans-Mavericks, Box (AP, 10:59 PM ET)
Clippers-Timberwolves, Box (AP, 10:47 PM ET)
Jerome Kersey remembered at public memorial in Portland (AP, 10:20 PM ET)
Warriors-Nets, Box (AP, 10:05 PM ET)
null (AP, 9:49 PM ET)
null (AP, 9:49 PM ET)
Raptors-76ers, Box (AP, 9:26 PM ET)
null (AP, 9:22 PM ET)
null (AP, 9:22 PM ET)
Pekovic out for Wolves against Clippers, (AP, 8:19 PM ET)
Pistons recall Miller from D-League (AP, 8:19 PM ET)
Harden suspended 1 game for kicking James in the groin (AP, 6:59 PM ET)
Hawks show they can rely on backups to keep winning (AP, 5:38 PM ET)
Bulls' Butler out 3 to 6 weeks (AP, 4:57 PM ET)
Jordan, other NBA owners join Forbes' billionaire list (AP, 4:39 PM ET)
Parsons and Chandler will sit for Mavs against Pelicans (AP, 3:17 PM ET)
NBA Calendar (AP, 9:49 AM ET)
Saunders ponders whether NBA's All-Star break is too long (AP, 3:16 AM ET)
AP NBA Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:30 AM ET)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

NBA Capsules (AP, 10:41 PM ET)
Pelicans-Nuggets, Box (AP, 10:34 PM ET)
Thunder-Lakers, Box (AP, 9:06 PM ET)
Trail Blazers-Kings, Box (AP, 8:39 PM ET)
76ers-Pacers, Box (AP, 8:36 PM ET)
Hornets-Magic, Box (AP, 8:31 PM ET)
Warriors-Celtics, Box (AP, 8:24 PM ET)
null (AP, 7:05 PM ET)
null (AP, 7:05 PM ET)
Cavaliers-Rockets, Box (AP, 6:46 PM ET)
Clippers-Bulls, Box (AP, 3:39 PM ET)
Garnett buys 1,000 tickets for fans for next T-wolves game (AP, 11:19 AM ET)
NBA Calendar (AP, 10:48 AM ET)

Monday, March 2, 2015

AP NBA Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:30 AM ET)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

AP NBA Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:31 AM ET)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

NBA Capsules (AP, 11:59 PM ET)
Bucks-Jazz, Box (AP, 11:36 PM ET)
Spurs-Suns, Box (AP, 11:32 PM ET)
Nets-Mavericks, Box (AP, 11:16 PM ET)
Grizzlies-Timberwolves, Box (AP, 10:39 PM ET)
null (AP, 10:26 PM ET)
null (AP, 10:26 PM ET)
Raptors-Knicks, Box (AP, 10:20 PM ET)
Hawks-Heat, Box (AP, 10:14 PM ET)
Garnett ejected in 3rd quarter after 2nd technical foul (AP, 9:40 PM ET)
Pistons-Wizards, Box (AP, 9:36 PM ET)
Anthony Mason, rugged forward of 1990s Knicks, dies at 48 (AP, 9:09 PM ET)
null (AP, 9:03 PM ET)
null (AP, 9:03 PM ET)
null (AP, 8:45 PM ET)
null (AP, 8:45 PM ET)
null (AP, 8:45 PM ET)
Cavaliers' Irving to miss second game with shoulder injury (AP, 8:19 PM ET)
Thunder's Russell Westbrook has surgery on cheekbone (AP, 8:00 PM ET)
Heat say Bosh has been released from hospital (AP, 7:31 PM ET)
Raptors give struggling Lowry night off against Knicks (AP, 7:22 PM ET)
Warriors center Festus Ezeli suspended for a game (AP, 5:03 PM ET)
null (AP, 1:55 AM ET)
null (AP, 1:55 AM ET)
Thunder-Trail Blazers, Box (AP, 1:16 AM ET)
Bucks-Lakers, Box (AP, 1:05 AM ET)
null (AP, 12:56 AM ET)
null (AP, 12:56 AM ET)
Cavaliers lose to Pacers without James, Irving (AP, 12:55 AM ET)
NBA Capsules (AP, 12:37 AM ET)
Spurs-Kings, Box (AP, 12:34 AM ET)
AP NBA Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:30 AM ET)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Jazz-Nuggets, Box (AP, 11:32 PM ET)
Knicks-Pistons, Box (AP, 11:04 PM ET)
Nets-Rockets, Box (AP, 10:43 PM ET)
Heat-Pelicans, Box (AP, 10:42 PM ET)
Timberwolves-Bulls, Box (AP, 10:39 PM ET)
Clippers-Grizzlies, Box (AP, 10:36 PM ET)
null (AP, 10:05 PM ET)
null (AP, 10:05 PM ET)
Magic-Hawks, Box (AP, 10:04 PM ET)
Thunder's Kanter to miss Friday's game against the Blazers (AP, 10:03 PM ET)
Warriors-Raptors, Box (AP, 9:58 PM ET)
Hornets-Celtics, Box (AP, 9:52 PM ET)
Wizards-76ers, Box (AP, 9:44 PM ET)
Cavaliers-Pacers, Box (AP, 9:40 PM ET)
Bulls lose F Gibson to left ankle injury (AP, 9:08 PM ET)
Timberwolves F Garnett to rest against Bulls (AP, 8:43 PM ET)
NBA to release 'last 2 minutes' reports on crunch-time calls (AP, 8:26 PM ET)
Bulls expect Derrick Rose back this season from knee surgery (AP, 6:54 PM ET)
Rondo moving on after suspension over outburst with Carlisle (AP, 6:16 PM ET)
Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins to sit out vs Spurs (AP, 5:47 PM ET)
Earl Lloyd, 1st black player in NBA, dies at 86 (AP, 4:50 PM ET)
Cavs guard Irving to miss game with strained shoulder (AP, 4:10 PM ET)
Bulls' Gasol out for Timberwolves game with illness (AP, 2:04 PM ET)
NBA Calendar (AP, 9:29 AM ET)
Thunder-Suns, Box (AP, 1:54 AM ET)
Cavs' Irving to have shoulder exam, doubtful for Friday (AP, 1:37 AM ET)
Earl Lloyd, first black player in NBA, dies at 86 (AP, 12:50 AM ET)
AP NBA Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:31 AM ET)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Warriors-Cavaliers, Box (AP, 10:51 PM ET)
Former NBA, NCAA champ Richard Hamilton retires (AP, 10:10 PM ET)
Bulls say Rose to have surgery on Friday (AP, 10:05 PM ET)
Kings center DeMarcus Cousins doubtful to play against Spurs (AP, 7:34 PM ET)
Cole helping keep Pelicans afloat in West playoff chase (AP, 7:19 PM ET)
Pacers' George goes through 1st full practice since injury (AP, 6:09 PM ET)
A look behind the scenes on those welcoming KG back to MN (AP, 5:38 PM ET)
Roberts, NBA writers open discussion over locker room access (AP, 5:22 PM ET)
Michael Beasley returns to Miami Heat (AP, 5:17 PM ET)
LeBron not happy colleges recruiting 10-year-old son (AP, 4:56 PM ET)
Kings' Collison to have surgery, re-evaluated in 3-6 weeks (AP, 4:31 PM ET)
NBA Calendar (AP, 9:38 AM ET)
Derrick Rose's injury the latest blow to class of 2008 (AP, 4:26 AM ET)
NBA Capsules (AP, 1:50 AM ET)
Spurs-Trail Blazers, Box (AP, 12:52 AM ET)
NBA Capsules (AP, 12:47 AM ET)
Grizzlies-Kings, Box (AP, 12:46 AM ET)
AP NBA Headlines At 11:30 p.m. (AP, 12:31 AM ET)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Suns-Nuggets, Box (AP, 11:49 PM ET)
Lakers-Jazz, Box (AP, 11:48 PM ET)
Mavs suspend Rondo for game after exchange with Carlisle (AP, 11:05 PM ET)
Clippers-Rockets, Box (AP, 10:46 PM ET)
76ers-Bucks, Box (AP, 10:37 PM ET)
Wizards-Timberwolves, Box (AP, 10:30 PM ET)
Nets-Pelicans, Box (AP, 10:27 PM ET)
Hornets-Bulls, Box (AP, 10:21 PM ET)
null (AP, 10:15 PM ET)
null (AP, 10:15 PM ET)
Heat-Magic, Box (AP, 10:15 PM ET)
Mavericks-Hawks, Box (AP, 10:07 PM ET)
Knicks-Celtics, Box (AP, 9:56 PM ET)
Nuggets' Faried, Chandler out with injuries against Suns (AP, 9:55 PM ET)
Leak in roof delays Mavericks-Hawks game (AP, 8:25 PM ET)
null (AP, 8:05 PM ET)
Paul Pierce ruled out with bruised knee against Wolves (AP, 7:59 PM ET)
Michael Carter-Williams to debut at point for Bucks (AP, 7:21 PM ET)
Latest injury to Rose hits Bulls hard (AP, 7:11 PM ET)
Pistons sign Lucas for remainder of season (AP, 5:03 PM ET)
Lakers guard Ronnie Price out 6 to 8 weeks after surgery (AP, 4:46 PM ET)
NBA Calendar (AP, 9:03 AM ET)
KG returns to Minnesota as player, wants to stay as owner (AP, 5:07 AM ET)