Watch those hands, Caron. Reggie may be in the house. Mike James

Caron Butler celebrated his 28th birthday by dropping the Cleveland Cavaliers with a two-point heartbreaker (Washington 101, Cavs 99) and a 19-point effort in his first game back from a hip injury.
But the party was just getting started.

After posting the W, Butler headed over to D.C. hotspot [Ed.'s note: DC has hotspots? Not when we where there. Let's call it "hot for DC".] The Park to be feted by famous pals including Ray Lewis; Wizards Etan Thomas, Gilbert Arenas and Darius Songaila; Redskins QB Jason Campbell and former Skin Lavar Arrington. Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian and actress Tamala Jones were also in the house, but Butler was most hyped to see the DJ, Biz Markie.
"Oh, babeeee, yooooou!..." he began singing at the mere mention of the one-hit wonder's name. "Biz is my man!"
There was one other famous party fixture that Butler considered inviting: Paris Hilton. But he ultimately decided to stick with friends and teammates since her reported appearance fee of 50 grand would have blown the budget.

The celebration went on in VIP well into the night and all in all, Butler got everything he could have wished for on his special day.
Well, almost. Asked what gift she'd given Butler, Carmen Electra replied, "I would probably do a sexy little strip tease for Caron for his birthday, but his wife would have to approve!"