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In case Bill Parcells isn't aware, Jason Taylor is very coachable. His partner on Dancing With The Stars, Edyta Sliwinska, choreographed a seductive version of the Viennese Waltz this week, and Taylor picked up on every nuance. In probably the most steamy dance of the four-week-old series, Taylor scored a 29 out of 30. He and Edyta are looking like a playoff team, and everyone knows itincluding Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga.

I was on my way home from the show tonight when I got a text message from our owner, Wayne Huizenga. It said, "We're proud of you, You were excellent." That's better than getting a 10 from one of the judges.

I guess Edyta and I are gaining a little momentum. People in Hollywood like to gossip that we're an item, but that's just Hollywood being Hollywood.

What we do have is chemistry and you need to have that. You have to be into each other and get into the character of the song, the character of the dance.

Let me tell you, my wife is my biggest supporter. I couldn't do it without her. She loves this. She's all behind it. She's pushed me to be more into Edyta, and to feel the song and get into the character and all that. She tells me to be into her, to act like you love her. She'll tell me to get into her and the song. I mean, the song really dictates the vibe of the dance, and tonight's song was very romantic. So that's how we danced.

The judges sensed what we were doing. If I remember this correctly, one of the judges, Bruno Tonioli, said, "You managed to make the Viennese Waltz sexy, sensual, erotic. It was like a majestic swan intertwined with a mating ritual.'' Or something like that.

Another judgeLen Goodmanhad been real hard on me the week before. He'd said I'd gone from a rooster the first couple of weeks to a feather-duster. That sounded like he was calling me a dead rooster. But this week, he said I went from a featherduster to a swan. So, like I tell everybody, you're only as good as your last dance, I guess.

Some of my friends thought the Viennese Waltz was right in my wheelhouse because it was a little slower. But I don't have a wheelhouse when it comes to the dance floor. I don't even have an end zone dance.

And I mean that. When I've scored touchdowns in the NFL, I haven't danced or mugged for the camera. All I've done is the Michael Jordan jump-man across the goal line. Then I celebrate with my teammates. If I score next season, we'll see. Let's hope I score.

Speaking of football, tonight was a huge first for meone of my teammates showed up! Vonnie Holliday, our big defensive tackle and a great friend, flew in for the show. It's great to get that support. There's nothing in life like having great teammates and friends, and he's one of them. So I'm honored he came in, especially after what he was saying a month ago.

Seriously, Vonnie was the first guy to clown me about doing the show. He thought I'd make a total fool of myself. I mean, he was laughing when I told him. He said it was going to be hilarious, watching me try to dance and that he was going to keep voting for me to stay on the show so he could watch me make an ass of myself every week. That hasn't happened so farsorry, Vonnie. So I guess he's taken the supportive route now.

He was in the stands, and I heard they flashed him on TV. I'm surprised he didn't take the opportunity to promote himself. I thought he might write something on his jacket, like "Vote for Vonnie Holliday for Mayor of Atlanta." Actually, I should've written 1-800-868-3402 on his jacket. That's the number to vote for me.

After the show, Vonnie didn't bust my chops. He just said, "I'm shocked. Keep doing your thing." Let's hope I can convert the rest of the football world like that. I already saw that on one website they superimposed my face on the body of Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. I chuckled at it, because this is just the beginning of the little jokes. It's the beginning of me seeing that stuff and hearing it. I'm sure every stadium I go into next year will have some kind of poster or sign or some goofball making jokes like that. So it's all good. I laughed at it myself.

But like I said, if I score a touchdown &