We love you, Florence. But seriously, could you have fixed Drew Brees the way James Andrews did? Getty Images

Hey, it's International Nurses Day! To celebrate, we initially considered running down every nurse-related wrestling valet concept in history. Then, we realized we'd be fired for linking to those. So instead, we're gonna turn our attention to sports injuries: mostly humorous, although some famous ones. This Clip Reel may not be for the squeamish, but go ahead and give it a whirl.

This is a fairly comprehensive, and easy to watch, collection of sports injuries. As a bonus, the song on this rocks.
You know it's possible to get injured playing Wii? Yep. Here's evidence.
Some funny sports injuries.
Is anything more hysterical than gymnastics gone wrong?
We have to include the Theismann play, just because. (This is the least depressing look at it on the Internet, by far)
Outside the Lines did a nice feature on Shaun Livingston's recovery from his ugly-looking knee injury, which you can find off his personal page.
A good article on dealing with sports injuries.
He's not a nurse by any means, but this profile of Dr. James Andrews will help you understand why everyone goes to him.
Seems like a good time to showcase our "Warriors and Wimps" package in the current issue.
Kevin Everett's recovery was remarkable, and amazing.
We only feel comfortable showing the Fiesta Bowl injury to Willis McGahee because he's bounced back quite nicely as a pro.
Nice package on rotator cuff repair.
Tommy John discusses the famed surgery named after him.
Nice USA Today piece on Tommy John surgery.
Cracked has a list of the wimpiest sports injuries of all time.
Here's a list of the dumbest ones.
And a comprehensive list of weird ones.